Today we are beyond excited to switch the light on for, the cryptocurrency margin trading platform specifically tailored to the European Union residents!

Built to accommodate the European traders, gives users access to the dynamic cryptocurrency markets in a transparent and reliable way. underwent the regulatory review and licensing process to operate as an investment firm in Europe. 

Licensed by the Europe-based regulator, CySEC, can provide investment and professional trading services – including but not limited to transferable securities, derivatives, and foreign exchange – within the European Union under the MiFID II framework.

To put the “word from the legal team” in simpler terms, you’ll be trading on the reviewed platform and will be protected by law. was designed to meet the high standards applied to European investment firms. In practice, it means:

  • Institutional grade standards for protecting your funds and data;
  • Oversight and accountability to the European regulator;
  • Fair trading environment.

Built to accommodate the European traders, gives users access to the dynamic cryptocurrency markets in a transparent and reliable way.

Behind the Curtain

If you are following the life of the CEX.IO ecosystem, you know that has been around for a while with “Coming Soon” on it. It might have seemed like nothing was happening, but behind the scene – was all the action.

When we decided to move margin trading into a separate platform with a well-defined financial instrument, became the domain reserved specifically for the European residents’ margin trading

And, to provide the margin trading services for the European market, we needed to put through an extensive regulatory review. It included a review of the site, the trading terminal, the company, the business plan, the capital requirements, and much more. Numerous presentations and many more days of meticulous polishing after, we got the platform approved and meeting all the standards!

And now, the residents of the European Union are welcome to work with the cryptocurrency market via the elegant and easy-to-use solution. A place where you can put your assets to work using an intuitive financial instrument. A platform where you can flexibly deploy your trading strategies and manage your risks in a mature way. And that’s

EU-Focused Platform for Margin Trading is built to be the reliable platform for your cryptocurrency margin trading if you reside in the European Union. 

The instrument that facilitates trading with leverage on the platform is Contract for Difference (CFD), which lets you trade in price changes on an asset without needing to own, buy, or sell that asset. 

That means, as a user, you can fund your trading account with Euro and trade any cryptocurrency pair on the platform with leverage, be that UNI/ETH or ADA/USD. We now have 13 cryptocurrency pairs, and the number is growing.

The full list of countries, where provides service is available HERE. 

Using, you can fund your account with EUR and trade any cryptocurrency pair on the platform with leverage.

Take Control of Your Trading 

If we had to make a list of essentials in trading, staying in control would probably be somewhere on the top. 

Taking control of your trading means you decide what your strategy will look like. Whether for you trading is more like a craft of a jeweler or a fight of a mean wrestler – you should be able to express your style.

That’s why our trading terminal gives you all the flexible controls, so you can feel like a captain, not a captive, of your process.

  • Multiple trading accounts for multiple trading strategies: test, experiment, execute strategies with different parameters on separate trading accounts;
  • Multiple segregated trading positions to control your P&L: open multiple simultaneous positions, even in the opposite directions, to catch every market opportunity;
  • Cross margin and isolated margin for risk management: control your exposure with cross margin within trading accounts and isolated margin between trading accounts;
  • Professional order types to remain flexible: go in and out of the market with strategic orders and order protections that let you maximize your gains and limit your losses;
  • Technical analysis instruments to make sense of the market: understand price action and make well-reasoned trading decisions.

The list can go on, but nothing compares to the feeling of sitting in the control room and understanding that you are in charge. Every moment, you know the state of your trading and the tools to keep/adjust/change the course are at your fingertips.

Taking control of your trading means you get to decide what your strategy will look like. 

Best Execution Price Guarantee

Aside from undergoing the rigorous regulatory review, we spent a lot of time fine-tuning how the platform works under the hood. We discussed it before HERE. But the inner workings of a complex system are always worth highlighting more.

The quality of your trading experience combines two things: 1) your experience with a trading platform itself, and 2) your experience of the market while using that platform. The former is the features, the buttons, the designs. Important? Absolutely! All it takes? Not at all! 

The latter – how you experience the market when you use the platform – is probably more crucial, though harder to assess, unless tried first hand. This includes things like liquidity, spreads, performance speed, and order execution logic.

And, though two platforms can have identical features, how they work under the hood are never the same. 

Best Execution Price Guarantee provided by is a big part of that “under the hood” process, hidden from the naked eye.

Working with liquidity providers, the largest exchanges, to execute users’ orders in the market, inevitably faces the questions “What price to execute an order at?” and “What prices to quote?” As on one exchange, the price can differ from the other, these questions become very practical and affect users’ outcomes.

Best Execution Price Guarantee means that will offer you the best price, at which it can execute your order in the market, given the market conditions. So the order execution logic stands behind the Best Execution Price Guarantee. It may split your order among the available liquidity providers or send it to the one with the more favorable price, whatever is the most appropriate for a situation. 

In a dynamic market like cryptocurrencies, the smart order execution logic makes that world of difference!

And that’s what we mean when we say the quality of your trading experience is not only features and tools, but also what’s under the hood. With, we took care of both.


In the dynamic cryptocurrencies market, order execution logic greatly determines the trader’s experience with that market.

We can talk volumes, but at some point, it’s best to let the product speak for itself. Put your assets to work and reach your trading goals with a transparent, fair, efficient, and elegant platform!

Without further ado, welcome the only cryptocurrency-first margin trading platform for Europeans!