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May 31, 2014

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Although most of the Bitcoin conversation still happens online or at monthly Bitcoin conferences, another way to meet Bitcoin supporters in your area is through Bitcoin meetups. Most major cities around the world already have some kind of Bitcoin meetup on a weekly or monthly basis, and these are the events where you can meet real people in your area who care about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency as a whole. If you’re in a small town that does not already have a Bitcoin meetup, then there is nothing stopping you from starting one of your own.

Where to Find Bitcoin Meetups

If you’re trying to find a Bitcoin meetup in your local area, then you’re definitely going to want to start your search on various forms of social media. Twitter is probably the most popular social network when it comes to Bitcoin users, although some people have also been able to find their local meetups on places like Facebook and Reddit. If those forms of social media have failed you, then you can go directly to to find the Bitcoin related meetups in your local city or town. If you cannot find a meetup in your area, then it could be a good idea to start one of your own.

What to Expect at a Bitcoin Meetup 

For the most part, these Bitcoin meetups are about building the Bitcoin ecosystem at a grassroots level. It’s easy to find people to talk about Bitcoin with online, but finding someone in the real world can be a completely different story. If you live in a larger city, then you may even find a few Bitcoin rockstars stopping by your local Bitcoin meetup from time to time. People who are known to be heavily involved in the Bitcoin space, such as Andreas Antonopoulos, Jeffrey Tucker, and Vitalik Buterin, have been known to pop up at different Bitcoin meetups and conferences around the world. Having one of these speakers come to a Bitcoin meetup can be valuable when it comes to teaching newcomers about Bitcoin as a technology.

How to Organize a Bitcoin Meetup

If you’re looking to organize a Bitcoin meetup of your own, then is going to be the best starting point. You can basically create a homepage for the local Bitcoin community on that website, and you can then share that page on various forms of social media. One important thing to remember about starting your own meetup is that it only takes two to tango. In other words, don’t be discouraged if you only have a handful of people signed up for the first meetup because your group will still be able to grow over time. Many of the largest meetups in the world started with ten or less members, so don’t be turned off by a low head count on your first night.

The best location for a meetup will vary from place to place, but a Bitcoin-accepting bar or restaurant will usually be the best option. If there are no businesses that accept Bitcoin in your local area, then you will have to hope that your Bitcoin meetup will grow to the point where the bar or eatery in your area realizes that it’s worth it to them to make the upgrade.

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