While most of the general public was interested in the new operating system unveiled by Apple at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, the Bitcoin community was excited about a different kind of release that was happening at the same time. Apple decided to make a few small changes to the kinds of apps that they will allow on the app store, and one of those changes was an embrace of virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin. Many people remember that Apple decided to start banning Bitcoin-related apps in 2013, but no one really knew why the tech giant was taking a negative stance on the digital currency. This latest move from Apple gives everyone an inside look at what the thinking may have been behind the bans in the past.

Regulatory Uncertainty

At the end of the day, it doesn’t seem that Apple’s stance on Bitcoin apps has really changed at all. On the contrary, it seems that these types of apps were perfectly alright, as long as the apps were following the laws of their local jurisdictions. The problem there is that there is still a large amount of regulatory uncertainty around Bitcoin in basically every country around the world. It’s difficult to make sure that you’re following all of the laws in a certain country when it comes to Bitcoin apps at the moment because new laws and guidelines are being released on a daily basis. Apple has not released a list of countries where it is perfectly alright to create a Bitcoin app, so there is still a bit of trial and error involved with getting a digital currency app accepted on the main app store.

Bitcon Doesn’t Need Apple’s Approval

There were many Bitcoin enthusiasts who were upset by Apple’s original decision to disallow Bitcoin apps, and they may have lost a few customers forever by taking a negative approach on digital currencies. In fact, some former Apple users were seen destroying their iPhones on Reddit and YouTube thanks to the move from Apple to ban Bitcoin on their mobile devices. These users decided to move to Android in response to the Apple ban, and Bitcoin apps have been flourishing on that platform for many years.

While moving to Android smartphones was one option for users, there are also other developers who have been working on various HTML5 wallets that would be impossible for Apple to ban. These wallets would work in the browser rather than as a standalone app, which means there would be no way for Apple to block the Bitcoin activity on their mobile platform. These new wallets are still in development despite the latest claims from Apple due to the fact that none of the old Bitcoin apps have been reinstated in the app store.

While these HTML5 wallets and other workarounds are great, the fact of the matter is that Bitcoin does need Apple to get onboard if this payment network is going to really take off at any point in the near future. It is technically true that Bitcoin could succeed without the blessing of Apple, but there are plenty of people out there right now who cannot use this new digital currency because they’re using an Apple iPhone.