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Aug 19, 2014

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Security in Bitcoin will always be an issue. Many companies and services have been hacked since the start of Bitcoin and companies need to take any measure possible to secure their services. What do you do if you can’t afford an expensive security team or professional audits? CrowdCurity has built a decentralized security force by giving an open network of security researchers the chance to earn bounties for finding vulnerabilities in Bitcoin company websites.

CrowdCurity was founded with the goal of making Bitcoin services secure and safe for the Bitcoin ecosystem. Companies who participate in their Bug Bounty programs have seen minor and major issues fixed.

The process is quite simple. Companies first sign-up and create a bug bounty program. Once created the company defines the URLs they wish to be tested and the reward amounts for finding a valid vulnerability. The open network of testers reviews the application and submit vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities are then reviewed by the company and submitters who have filed submissions that fit the criteria are rewarded.

The service is free but has higher tiered levels for clients with larger projects or who wish for more privacy with the disclosure of vulnerabilities. Rewards to security testers range from $50-$2000 depending on the company and the seriousness of the disclosure. Companies that meet certain criteria can display a CrowdCurity seal on their site letting customers know they greatly value their security.

Some of their more well known clients include, Vaurum, Snapcard, Poloniex, Justcoin and Coindirect.

So whether you’re a hacker looking to investigate security vulnerabilities within Bitcoin Businesses, or a Business who wants to make sure their company has the highest level of security, CrowdCurity is a great service. At security is our top concern, and we value other companies taking steps to keep their applications free from unnecessary losses due to security vulnerabilities.

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