A number of Bitcoin startups are emerging all over the world. Some of them are made in purpose to increase popularity of cryptomoney, while others use Bitcoin as easy and accessible way of payment. We’d like to introduce the most interesting and ambitious startups on our blog, so meet the very first one – Bitlance.

Bitlance.biz is a freelancing marketplace powered by bitcoins. Whether you are a freelancer offering your services, or you are a businessman looking to hire a freelancer, Bitlance is the one-stop source where people from all over the world get things done. What is really important is that Bitlance team provides a cryptographically secure escrow service, so they cannot access their clients’ funds. Although you can get your coins, even when Bitlance goes offline!

Bitlance has launched in January 2014. Original idea belongs to Germans — Jeffrey Gregory and his two colleagues from a software company, who came up with a website concept during lunch break. Most of all, they were excited by the ability of distributing company shares with the help of technologies like Mastercoin or Counterparty in a global context without any financial institutions.

Jeffrey says that most of the time only three people are involved in the project – two of them develop software and the other one is doing design and graphics. That explains why Bitlance still operates in beta. On the other hand that means every feature is available to use without any cost! However, this will change in the future and Bitlance, as a profitable cryptostock business, will probably introduce some paid features.

There are no specific requirements to join Bitlance as a freelancer. All you have to do is to fill up a simple profile form on the website and start browsing for vacancies you might be interested in.

‘We have about 25 freelancers so far. Not that many, but we didn’t pay much attention to advertising yet. Our platform is still not finished. Currently we’re working on the automated multisig escrow functionality, we have to create and share the multisig keys manually, which limits the scalability of the business. That’s why we’re staying below the radar these days’ – Says Jeffrey: ‘we’ve arranged a few gigs already. Not very much, but that’s OK, since our platform is still new and under development’. 

We also asked Jeffrey about the range of jobs that can be listed on the website. He said:

‘As for me, one of the Bitcoin’s biggest benefits is its extreme liquidity. You can transfer money to any part of the world in less than one hour. That’s why we’re mainly focused on the jobs that can be done remotely. You can hire developers from India, translators from China, designers from Japan, or hackers from Russia, for example. Our platform doesn’t have the instruments to post jobs that are limited to a geographical location. Most users will probably prefer paying in cash for jobs that are done face-to-face’. 

Seems like Bitlance has pretty good chances to attract freelancers and Bitcoin supporters from all over the world. The only thing we’re concerned so far is popularity of the platform, so why don’t we all go and register at Bitlance.biz right now? 🙂

Just admit it, working at home and getting immediate money for that sounds easy!