A Bitcoin to USD chart is the best way to track the price of a single Bitcoin over a long period of time. Although there are now many different exchanges across different parts of the world, most of the early trades made from fiat to Bitcoin were done so with US dollars. There are many different sources to choose from when it comes to finding the right chart because there are now more than just a few exchanges around the world. When tracking the price of Bitcoin, it’s important to stick with a chart based on an exchange that has a heavy amount of trading volume.

Liquidity Knows Best

It’s important to choose a highly liquid Bitcoin to USD chart when searching for a long history of the Bitcoin price because low volume charts are sometimes unable to tell the entire story. A large trade can move the price quite drastically in a short period of time if there is not enough volume on a particular exchange to handle the trade, so it’s important to stick with price points from highly liquid and populated exchanges.

Why Charts are Important

If you’re an avid Bitcoin trader, then you’ll want to take a peak at the general trends in the market as often as possible. Charts can also be useful when it comes to figuring out which pieces of news have affected the price more than others over the years. By checking factors such as the 21-day moving average, it becomes easier to determine where the Bitcoin price will move in the near future.

Fiat Trades Coming to CEX.IO

Traders who are familiar with the CEX.IO trading platform will be pleased to hear that fiat trading will soon be available for this particular exchange. This is already the largest exchange in the world when it comes to trading mining contracts, so it only makes sense to allow fiat deposits and withdrawals. These new methods of interacting with the commodities trading platform will allow for an increased level of overall liquidity and trading volume on the site.