The Bitcoin Center in New York City is opened to the public since the beginning of 2014 and it welcomes more than 200 visitors every other day. Which is not surprising, considering that it is located in the heart of New York City’s financial district, only a few feet from the New York Stock Exchange.

This first physical Bitcoin Center in New York regularly hosts crypto-trading events, educational classes, co-working sessions and even Bitcoin job fairs! It also has an ATM inside of the building, t-shirts and CoinTerra mining hardware for sale. It is open daily from 10am till the last visitor.

The Bitcoin Center NYC not just educates, but does the actual exchange of Bitcoins. ‘Satoshi Mondays and Thursdays’ are named after the founder of Bitcoin and are organized for people from all over to come and trade Bitcoins with each other. These events include live auctions for Bitcoins, have an open bar and pizza for all the participants.

We’ve decided that it is a good occasion for us to get involved and actually visit Bitcoin Center in New York. It was pretty easy to find the place and get registered for the event. ‘Satoshi Monday’ started on time — at 7.30 with about 50 participants. Although not many of them were trading Bitcoins, spending more time on talks and drinks. Pretty exciting that someone has decided to sell a car Massrati GranSport, for Bitcoins only! Sadly, nobody took part in this auction.

We also had a short chat with Nick Spandos, co-founder of the Bitcoin Center NYC.

‘Our main invent is that we’re in the Stock Market, all the stockbrokers and market makers work in here. People we’re trying to attract are trading next door in commodities. If we were in the office building we wouldn’t have that many visitors. Many people in here, on the Wall Street, are trying to learn about monetary policy, about stock market – they come in here and we teach them,’– he said: ‘We have many political forces that support us: democrats, republicans…Everybody! People who don’t like Bitcoin just don’t know what it is’.

We should admit that it was an interesting experience visiting Bitcoin Center NYC, and in the very first place – in terms of networking. Many people came just to talk about what they really believe in – Bitcoin! Some of them are experienced miners, while others are still skeptical and cautious abut crypto. But it all works as Nick Spanos and his cohesive team of 20 wanted – people get to know more about Bitcoin!

If you live or travel in New York City and still haven’t been to Bitcoin Center NYC – 40 Broad Street – New York City, NY 10036 is waiting for you!