July 8, 2014, London, UK— CEX.IO Bitcoin Crypto Exchange, the first and leading multi-functional platform, is pleased to announce the lowering of maintenance costs for GHS purchased on CEX.IO. As of July 8, 2014, the maintenance costs will be approximately $0.2 per month for 1 cloud-based GHS. CEX.IO has also updated the hardware line by adding 2 Th/s ASIC miners to the Redeem Hardware options. 

As the first and leading cloud mining provider, we constantly explore better terms of electricity supply. After long-lasting negotiations with data-centres, we managed to decrease electricity expenses, which are included into maintenance costs together with upkeep of ASIC miners. Until recently, users were charged a maintenance payment of $0.26 per month for 1 GHS. As of today, the exact maintenance cost equals to only $0.2 per month for 1 cloud-based GHS. Naturally, the more GHS a user owns, the more he feels the change in the maintenance costs and the higher profit he receives.

Furthermore, even though CEX.IO does its best to provide high-quality maintenance and helpful customer support for cloud-based GHS, we still give our users the possibility to redeem mining hardware. ASIC miners of different power are presented in the Redeem Hardware section on the respective page of the website. In order for the hardware miners to be shipped right to their homes, users only need to contact CEX.IO via support@cex.io and place an order.