With more and more businesses and organisations accepting Bitcoin every day, there is sure to be an interest in using Bitcoin to pay for education. While Bitcoin acceptance still has much progress to be made, especially in schools and universities, there are a few places where students who wish to further their education and pay their tuitions with the digital currency.

King’s College — New York, NY, USA

The King’s College in New York city claims to be the first accredited college in the United States to accept Bitcoin. It is a four-year evangelical school of around 500 students. The school’s president claims that accepting Bitcoin will decrease costs for the school in addition to giving students the chance to learn about the technology in the process. King’s college uses coin.co to accept Bitcoin but be paid in local currency.

Website: https://www.tkc.edu/

University of Nicosia — Nicosia, Cyprus

The University of Nicosia was the first accredited University in the world to accept Bitcoin, making it’s announcement that it would be accepting the digital currency near the end of 2013. The university has around 5000 students and even offers a master’s program in digital currency. The large school in Cyprus has also awarded certificates for its introduction to digital currencies program that are verified by the Bitcoin block chain. The school hopes to help develop Cyprus into a “trading hub” for Bitcoin.

Website: http://www.unic.ac.cy/

Draper University — San Mateo, CA, USA

Draper University in California announced summer of last year that it would be accepting Bitcoin, Draper has also accepted other unusual forms of payment including bartering for services or advertising. The university uses Coinbase to accept Bitcoin payments for it’s on campus classes, as well as online classes.

Website: http://draperuniversity.com/

University of Cumbria — various locations, United Kingdom

The University of Cumbria, with locations throughout the UK, offers two programs that relate to cryptocurrency. It has roughly 10,500 students and uses Bitpay to accept Bitcoin. The school announced it would be accepting the currency in the beginning of this year for it’s two related courses, and would look into accepting it for all tuitions if Bitcoin payments went smoothly. The university has had a history involved with an alternate currency and helped organise a symposium by the United Nations on its complementary currencies.

Website: http://www.cumbria.ac.uk/

Lighthouse Progressive Primary School — Limassol, Cyprus

This primary school in Cyprus was convinced by a parent of a student attending the school to start accepting Bitcoin around spring of this year. The headmaster of the school has indicated that recent financial problems in Cyprus helped sway him in the direction of the decision to accept digital currency for student’s fees.

Website: http://www.ourlighthouse.org/

While students are still very limited in Bitcoin payment, these five schools might certainly be paving the way for a widespread acceptance of digital currency throughout the education world. Several other classes are available for purchase with Bitcoin like the North London Flying school, as well as a wide assortment of online classes including Treehouse, Icon photography school, and Skilljar.

By Keith Andre for CEX.IO