The Polish Bitcoin Embassy held a FIFA 14 tournament, the first informal championship between Bitcoin enthusiasts, which took place on August 27, 2014. Entry fees for the participants charged in Bitcoin (0.02 BTC per person) were spent on winning prizes (cups). A tough tournament between twelve participants started at noon of Wednesday. The players draw their teams from a selected pool. It turned out that better teams were not easy to defeat, and the outcome of each game was based on players’ skills. Footballers’ parameters did not matter.

The tournament ladder was quite unusual, mostly due to the number of participants: Semi-finals and Final were played between three teams!

Let’s congratulate the winners! Jakub (the organizers did neither require nor publish the last names) won the tournament, playing as Uruguay. Paweł from Wemine4you ended up second, playing as Poland. The third place was taken by the mysterious Mr. X from the Bitcoin Embassy, who was playing as England.

Each match lasted 10 minutes (2 halves 5 minutes each). Everybody watched the game on a big wall through the projector. Fans created the atmosphere of a real sport-event. Besides, games were commented by the computer versions of Dariusz Szpakowski and Włodzimierz Szaranowicz, who are the most recognizable Polish football commentators. The programmers did their job well: the computer imitated (and sometimes parodied) the real commentators perfectly.

There were some funny mistakes. The Bitcoin Embassy Founder, Maciej Ziółkowski, was playing as Chile. He surprisingly faced some problems with setting national team instead of a club team. As a result, Poland played against Audax Italiano, which is one of the Chilean top league clubs, instead of facing Chilean national team. Moreover, Maciej was close to repeating the same mistake in his game against the United States.

The tournament extended the number of Bitcoin enthusiasts in Warsaw. The organizers are sure — the Bitcoin Embassy will host similar events in the nearest future.

Wojciech Pietrzak for CEX.IO