There are not so many really active women within the Bitcoin community, are there? So, it would be a huge mistake from our side not to pay attention to Moran Shaked, a beautiful woman and co-founder of Miss Bitcoin. You would probably ask what is Miss Bitcoin even if you have already heard about it. But it’s the mystery that intrigues us most, right? Let us move on to an exclusive interview with Moran and see if she takes us to the backstage of Miss Bitcoin.

So, Moran, please tell us what is Miss Bitcoin?

It is not just what, but also who is Miss Bitcoin. The answer to that question will be revealed on the Inside Bitcoins London conference, where we officially launch Miss Bitcoin to the world.

Even without knowing exactly what or who is she, it is about realising that women are the ones who are making the wheels of economy turn and it is not because they like to shop for shoes! It is about giving a great solution to a real problem asking ourselves how can we put crypto currencies into the hand of the day to day financial decisions makers, in order to fuel bitcoin’s economy.
Miss Bitcoin is here to give those answers acting as the platform armed with the tools, services, products and content, to bridge that gap.

How you came up with the idea of launching Miss Bitcoin?

You know how good things starts sometimes with a good joke?  That’s the story of Miss Bitcoin.
It started with a “I dare you” Facebook joke. I was talking about a meetup for women only, as I was like one of the only women there. We had first meetup with 50 girls, major media coverage and the first ever parliament member speaking publicly pro bitcoin! That’s how I knew that women in bitcoin and crypto currencies is an untapped market waiting to happen!

The Founding Team of Miss Bitcoin is three women, myself, Miss Sheree and Miss Sandeep and we all see the potential within the crypto economy and one of the missing links we are addressing is the involvement of women. Each of us have very interesting and funny stories about our encounters with bitcoin!

Miss Sheree went to a bitcoin conference earlier this year and within a few seconds of arriving, the first person she met said to her “Wow you’re like the only girl here! This is my first conference and I love bitcoins, but I didn’t expect to meet any girls here! This is so cool you are into bitcoins!”. Miss Sheree said to me “It was just so funny to see that type of reaction! I have gotten used to it since, but I do hope to see more people involved in bitcoin whether it be women or men.”

Only last week Miss Sandeep went to a bitcoin meetup and she was a little bit late. When she knocked on the door she asked “is this bitcoin meetup?”, all 50 heads looked at her and said “yes it is” and one gentleman said “let’s bow to the first lady in the bitcoin meetup!”. Miss Sandeep said “it was pretty funny to see, not the welcome I was expecting! At the same time it made me realize we need more women in the bitcoin world. But all the guys were so super excited to hear about Miss Bitcoin and I wished I had taken a photo that day!”

We’ve already seen your #missbitcoin campaign on Twitter and Facebook. Tell us more about that!

We’ve been doing mini pop up launches all over the globe! It has been so well received internationally, with people asking to meet us. We are really excited about it all and can’t wait to meet everybody!

We have been asking people be part of history with Miss Bitcoin by hash tagging #missbitcoin #makinghistory with a photo of themselves and our sign.


We started off with a mini pop up campaign in Australia, then we went international with our Miss Bitcoin Day on the 16 August, in conjunction with our first announcement at Cryptolina conference. All of our Miss Bitcoin girls got involved all over the world for 24 hours holding up the same sign. The photos and results from this are truly amazing and such a huge international effort!

Since then we have launched a #M for #missbitcoin #M fo #makinghistory campaign. Where all our history makers get the chance to be creative. Last week we did our #leaveamark campaign where we left our mark in history on people, places, items around the world.



Check out all our cool pictures from so many people and places around the world on @TheMissBitcoin. You can see that Miss Bitcoin really is #makinghistory all over the world. On the 15 September at the London Inside Bitcoins conference, we will reveal what the making history is all about!

Who is about to present Miss Bitcoin at the London conference and what are your expectations from the event?

All our founding team will be there and Miss Bitcoin will be inviting history makers, in the spirit of the new economy, to be joining us. For the 48 hours of the conference Miss Bitcoin will be offering chosen participants to be the very first members of her exclusive VIP board and recieve the Black super powers from, with some amazing platinum benefits that comes with this status.

We are giving delegates the opportunity to be a part of making history with us. Make sure that if you are there, to come and find me and my two Co-Founders, Miss Sheree and Miss Sandeep.
Not every day you get the chance to meet in person our founding team, which comes from USA, Australia and TLV!

After our official launch at London on the 15 September at the Inside Bitcoins Conference, we will we will be presenting on the Inside Bitcons TLV and next to our Australian launch at Bitcoin Australasia Conference in November.

“There can be only one Neil Armstrong, one first step on the moon and one opportunity for you to be part of history by joining Miss Bitcoin on the 15 September! One step for women towards crypto, is one giant leap for the world’s digital economy!”

So, your team is spread over world, right?

Currently, we are decentralised much as bitcoin. We are proud to have a team that spans 5 continents and truly believe in making this new economy accessible to women. Our Team is a blend of women from Legal, Financial, Business, Marketing and Cryptocurrency backgrounds.

We also have a growing community of Miss Bitcoin Ambassadors around the globe running the local communities both online and offline. If future Miss Bitcoiners are interested, I would like to take advantage to call each one of you out there, no matter where you are on the globe. If you feel like you can make a good candidate to be a Miss Bitcoin Ambassador at your local community, feel free to contact us.


Do you stay in touch with any Bitcoin companies, NGOs, meetups?

We are involved with local activities such as meetups and international conferences. Regarding Bitcoin companies, I can’t say too much at this point. But I can tell you we are in contact with some leading brands to give exclusive services to our Miss Bitcoin community, such as bitcoin exchange, e-wallets and media partners.

As we wish to give our Miss Bitcoin friends the best most user friendly tools making their first steps into that new economy specifically tailor made to their needs.

We are familiar with the obstacles most women experience when coming to deal with digital currencies and we use our best efforts to make them feel comfortable and pleasant experience as possible.

What about women organisations?

At the moment we are not involved with women organisations. Miss Bitcoin World is a neutral community without being related to one agenda more than other. We only have one agenda in mind: to make the new economy super accessible whether you live in a western developed country of a third world one. Our focus for the moment is women, because this is the market we see with not much involvement in bitcoin. Bitcoin does not belong to anyone and we see Miss Bitcoin as a World, we are all part of that new economy.

Interview made by Helga Danova