GHash.IO gives miners the possibility to choose from the widest variety of mining options available on the cryptomarket, including cloud mining, hardware mining, merged mining, MultiPool Pro, and trading on CEX.IO. Each option has specific characteristics as well as technical and financial features. The table located on the GHash.IO’s main page gives the miners the opportunity to analyse the benefits of each mining option in relation to the variety of the cryptocurrencies that can be mined on GHash.IO.

On GHash.IO cloud mining, hardware mining and merged mining is possible for coins with SHA-256 cryptographic hash function, including Bitcoins, Namecoins, Devcoins and Ixcoins. Hardware mining is applicable to all other types of coins, including LTC, DOGE, AUR, FTC, etc. Among scrypt currencies merged mining, for instance, is only relevant to Dogecoins. According to the table, the possibility of mining via MultiPool Pro is only suitable for scrypt coins. And finally, traders on CEX.IO can mine all coins, except Devcoins. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the mining option depending on what kind of coins you are planning to mine.



By Kateryna Iesypenko for GHash.IO