Currently more and more Bitcoin enthusiasts are engaging in various online activities (videos, info-graphics, podcasts) to shine light on what some might think is a complicated subject — what the Bitcoin is, its benefits and threats in terms of technical and societal application, and Bitcoin’s future in the global financial sector. With this in mind, we have surfed the Internet in search of the most insightful podcasts to help you obtain a better understanding of the Bitcoin. Some of these podcasts have more educational characteristics, while other are more entertaining and are presented as talk shows.

Let’s Talk Bitcoin!

Adam B. Levine from SF Bay Area, United States founded Let’s Talk Bitcoin! in late April 2013, and holds audio shows along with co-hosts Andreas M. Antonopoulos and Stephanie Murphy, PhD twice a week — every Tuesday and Friday. Each episode covers analysis of urgent cryptocurrency-related topics, interviews of the key players in the Bitcoin community and comprehension of the crucial events in the crypto-world. These audio shows present new ides, share experience and discuss the progress of Bitcoins. The podcasts ground on intelligent conversation and sharp-witted commentary towards the new digital economy. The website also contains sub-podcasts, i.e. Bitcoins and Gravy (two guys from East Nashville, Tennessee, who love talking about Bitcoin), Beyond Bitcoin (hosted by Arthur S. Falls from Wellington, New Zealand), Mad Money Machine (hosted by Paul Boyer), etc. The podcasts are available via,, YouTube, Tumblr and iTunes.

Coinsider This! A bitcoin podcast for everyone!

Coinsider This! is an audio podcast for everyone, who is interested in cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoins. The show is hosted by Patrick Melton from Illinois, U.S., who is a professional comedian with background in business and technology and more than ten years of podcasting experience. The show does not focus on the basics of Bitcoin trading and mining, but specializes on more complex topics — tends and fads in the Bitcoin culture, technical, economical and societal aspects of the uprising crypto-system as well as opportunities and development of cryptography. The podcasts are available via, iTunes, and YouTube.

Epicenter Bitcoin 

Epicenter Bitcoin airs weekly podcasts (recorded every Saturday and released every Sunday) that aim to provide Bitcoin-lovers with an insightful analysis on the developments in the Bitcoin society and the cryptocurrency revolution in general. They discuss a wide variety of topics such as political development, regulations, Bitcoin startups, technological developments, conference, etc. Epicenter Bitcoin also sends out a weekly newsletter (every Friday) underlining the latest news with links and comments to the week’s best blog posts on Bitcoins. The podcasts and newsletters are created by Brian Fabian Crain, a Berlin-based economist, programmer and entrepreneur, who is engaged in a number of Bitcoin-related projects, namely Bitcoin Startups Berlin, and Sebastien Couture, an UX designer originally from eastern Canada and now living in Lille, France. Podcasts are available via,, and iTunes.

Bitcoin Outpost

Jaime ‘Elions’ Parra, a Bitcoin expert and journalist from Chile, creates insightful podcasts twice a week on big and small Bitcoin-related topics and the global crypto-environment. The host covers the most important Bitcoin news, provides useful tips and tutorials for the crypto-enthusiasts. Each podcast contains links to articles, posts and video related to the podcast. Podcasts are available via for online listening and downloading.


Marketplace has a wide portfolio of programs broadcasted on more than 500 public radio stations across the United States with nearly 11 million listeners every week. Its programs focus on relevant national and international business news, updates on the global economy and events influencing the financial markets around the world. Marketplace is a frequent generator of Bitcoin-related podcasts; however, they are not grouped under one category and should be searched on the site. Click here to view the list of podcasts under the search-word ‘bitcoin’.

More and more information is being generated and becomes available about the innovative cryptocurrencies. Therefore, many business professionals, experts in economy, finance and technology as well as trend-followers from around the world aim to provide us with deep insight to the quickly developing and rapidly stabilising cryptocurrency environment. Peter Drucker, one of the most famous and widely influential thinkers and writers on the subject of management theory and business practice, once said, “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes”.