Bitcoin Price Prediction


Bitcoin experts around the world to change Bitcoin prices may occur hold different views. We can only speculate to explore the BTC (Bitcoin) possible future prices, because of historical price data can be displayed in the future value of this encryption currency. At the time of this writing, according to the information provided, the total number of bits currency in circulation is estimated at 12,995,125, and in Coindesk each Bitcoin price is $ 617.

Some experts believe that encryption currency Bitcoin penetration will continue to grow, because of the continuing expansion and to develop related Bitcoin business, makes this digital currency to bring customers more convenience and profitability. If the Administration does not enforce regulations against extreme Bitcoin, the number of investment will continue to surge. This investment has exceeded the number of many skeptics expected, compared with 2013’s total investment exceeds 29 percent, more than 113.2 million U.S. dollars.

From ” Bitcoin internal news Ivan Raszl “(Inside Bitcoins News) has his own views and opinions on the industry, especially encryption currency Bitcoin development. Currently, there are about 160,000 unique address bits credits daily, approximately 20 million users in the near future will accept and begin using this encryption currency. Consider the following when making estimates index: global population size, the number of Bitcoin users around the world, advanced technology and ideology open population size, and the number of staff have savings available for investment Bitcoin.

Since 2009, we observed three main stages Bitcoin price increases, each stage has a continuing dramatic peak of 1-3 months, comes after a period of 6-8 months is relatively stable, Then finally fell to about half the peak period, the price increased to twice the original stable prices. Some experts believe that the 2016 government and the big banks will introduce other encryption currency Bitcoin to pose a great competition and challenges.

Bitcoin Price Prediction Chart

Source: Raszl.I “2014年Bitcoin price forecast,” April 15, 2014.

Speaking further exponential expansion and the subsequent development of Bitcoin prices above chart shows the future of Bitcoin prices expected range. Obviously, such an elevated possibility is: in August to September Bitcoin prices may increase to $ 2,500. According to the chart, the price of this encryption currency may rise to $ 8,000; however, only when the 50 million new encryption currency enthusiasts Jiarubite currency society, this situation could have happened. I think this is over-optimistic outlook. August to September Bitcoin will stay at the maximum possible price of $ 3,000, dropped during October to around $ 1,500.

Investment analyst Jason Hamlin also made ​​a similar estimate:. “Bitcoin value will continue to be popular and in 2014, Amazon or other major retailers will announce acceptance of this virtual currency Bitcoin will continue crazy price swing in 2014 During the year the value will increase to $ 2,500 or higher level. ”

Want to make accurate predictions Bitcoin price is still very difficult, many events of global financial, economic and political industries can easily change what’s going on. Bitcoin traders around the world have felt the consequences of the recent events associated with the occurrence of Bitcoin: eg USA and Marshall’s Office accidental spills email auction participants; made through the national budget with the terms of the decision Bitcoin Canada; released in Bolivia Bitcoin ban; ESPN (America Online) accept BitPay year as a college football playoff football game three years in St. Petersburg Bitcoin sponsor; on Bloomberg terminals provide index WINKDEX, Kraken, CoinBase and BitStamp these commercial entities; was “fire currency “,” Bitcoin China “Enable digital currency derivatives; online payment processor Digital River accept bitcoin, and so on.

The forecast seems a bit surreal and unconscionable, but today the price of $ 617 two years ago Bitcoin also seemed equally unrealistic. BitPay CEO Tony Gallippi said: ” Our goal is to continue to Bitcoin into the mainstream . “