In Los Angeles, the bitcoin community is strong – more new places have started to accept bitcoins. You can pay with bitcoins at bars, restaurants, hair salons, and even for jiu-jitsu lessons. So here are few places in LA where you can spend bitcoins.

The Ham & Eggs Tavern

Located on 443 W 8th Street, Los Angeles 90014, the Ham and Eggs Tavern encompasses the heart of LA. The Ham & Eggs Tavern features daily live music from local bands from all around Los Angeles and a wide assortment of beers and wines. Every day there is a new theme of music to satisfy the multiple musical preferences of all those who stop by. By adding bitcoin as a method of payment, the Ham & Eggs Tavern has drawn in a new crowd of people to their local charm bar. 

Sabor y Cultura Café

Located on 5625 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles 90028, this café embraces the vast Hispanic culture throughout Los Angeles. The café also features a weekly open mic night called Freedom of Speech Thursday. This is where artists come and recite poems and perform various talents. In an addition to the weekly events, they also have special events such as Hollywood Acoustic Nights which features live free music to support local artists in Los Angeles. Bitcoin enthusiast commented on yelp “I’m so so excited that this place accepts Bitcoin.” 

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Hollywood

Located on 7424 West Sunset Boulevard 90046 Los Angeles, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu teaches the young and old to defend themselves if by they get into any danger on the streets. This is a family owned business by two brothers who learned the art of Jiu-Jitsu from their father, grandfather and uncles. They teach a core 36 moves that specialize in defending oneself in any street fight. This is a very helpful skill for anyone living in any dangerous urban areas. The instructors are all award winning martial artists that want to give back to the community and teach people techniques in which they can defend themselves. They can be found here:

By accepting bitcoin at all these new various places, merchants are opening themselves up to a whole new market of customers. Bitcoiners are a very loyal and supportive group that like to help out new stores willing to accept them.

By Rocky Patel for CEX.IO