While there are many talks regarding the future of cryptocurrency and latest digital technologies upcoming, the Bitcoin community is instantly growing. Still, there are lots of those who literally keep calm and are totally unaware when it goes to all the numerous opportunities the cryptocurrency offers. Here is the short-list of reasons to fall in love with it:

1. You can take your cryptocurrency wallet anywhere without the annoying travelling fees.

Taking your cryptocurrency wallets anywhere around the world without having to deal with the annoying fees banks charge, you are by far one of the biggest plus sides to digital currencies. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection and a wallet, you can send and receive.

2. You don’t have to find your card details every time you need to make an online payment.

How many times have you tried to make an online payment only to discover you’ve lost your card, papers or online logins? Luckily with cryptocurrencies it’s as simple as opening your wallet and pressing ‘send’ button.

3. Unlike wallets, USB sticks don’t increase in size throughout time.

One of the worst things about fiat money is all of the debit/ credit cards you have to carry around, as well as the loose change and notes that all seem to group up into your wallet and make carrying it around seem like a workout. With cryptocurrencies, everything can be stored in one simple USB stick.

4. Your winter heating comes from your miners.

If you’ve been a cryptocurrency miner for some time now, then you’d know all about the discomforting heat caused by your hardware hashing away all day and night. Wouldn’t it be great if all that heat actually kept your house warm instead of simulating the inside of an active volcano? Luckily there is a solution to that, it is simply known as winter.

5. You can literally be your own bank.

Not only are crpytocurrencies extremely easy to use, they also offer decentralization. It means no government controls your money; the only person that controls and secures your money with the utmost safety is you.

6. Innovation continuously thrives in cryptocurrency.

Since the dawn of Bitcoin, many people have thought of their own unique and innovative ideas to help and improve digital currencies and have even built their own cryptocurrency in order to implement and test these features. As each new person has an idea, there is always somebody that will see that idea and think of a way to improve it.

7. You can buy a ticket to space with Bitcoin.

Yep, that’s right! There are some very big companies accepting Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, had already announced in 2013 that Virgin Galactic, which will take people into space, has already accepted several Bitcoin payments for the ride. Aside from a ticket to space, Bitcoin can also buy you a pizza, as well as your morning coffee!

8. Trading!

As there are several hundred other digital currencies, you can trade them at the exchange, whether you wish to trade it for fiat money or other digital currencies the option to trade them is there. Trading gives you the possibility to increase your profits and earn even more of your preferred digital currency!

By Antony Matthews for CEX.IO