It’s amazing how many things you can easily get for your Bitcoins these days: from food and drinks to traveling and accommodation! Today we want to share one more find with you. Bitfash is great and simple online-store, which features some of the world’s most famous fashion brands all under one roof, and is the quickest way to multi shop with Bitcoin.

Bitfash enables Bitcoin users to purchase cloth from multiple online retailers, such as ASOS, Forever21, H&M and more. All the prices quoted on the Bitfash website are the same as on the retailers website and converted at the current Bitcoin market price according to the live Coinbase price.

Using Bitfash is very simple. First of all, you select the geographic shipping destination, so you get presented with a range of available online retailers in your region. Then, you simply browse through the retailers’ websites and when you find an item you would like to buy, click the blue “Add to Bitfash” button.

Once you are ready to pay click the “Checkout” or “Bag” button at the top of the page, log or register into your Bitfash account and fill out your delivery details. Then go through to the payment system. The Coinbase Checkout System allows you peying via two alternative payment methods — either through your Coinbase account (if you have one) or alternatively via your own Bitcoin wallet. Be aware that Bitfash facilitates a connection between you and these retailers for which website may charge a small commission as quoted at checkout.

Done! Your order is on its way. You’ll get confirmation form Bitfash within 24 hours. Delivery time will be dictated by the selected retailer’s delivery system and your choice of shipping method from that selected online retailer’s website. If you seek a return, refund or exchange of any items purchased through the Bitfash website, you should contact Bitfash directly on

It’s also worth saying that Bitfash is safe to use. Firstly, website does not store any sensitive information like credit card data, Bitcoin addresses or Bitcoin keys.

Secondly, Bitfash securely stores certain information in encrypted form for taxation purposes and to ensure compliance legislation and regulatory requirements. And finally, the Bitfash website is encrypted with an SSL certificate, which encrypts information that you have entered and prevents unauthorized third parties from intercepting this data.

To sum up, Bitfash is a great place to spend your Bitcoins at and it saves a lot of time you would usually spend on shopping in other stores. Visit to check it out! And we’ll keep you posted on new services and businesses that accept Bitcoin for more cool stuff!