Have you ever heard of the tête de taureau? If you speak French and know a thing or two about modern art, you might recognize that as “the Bull’s Head”, a whimsical yet delightful sculpture that is on display at the Picasso Museum in Paris. Spanish painter Pablo Picasso thought that there was something artistic about the union of a bicycle saddle and handlebars to form a bull’s head.

Indeed. There is something of the simple pleasures in life when it is bicycles we’re talking about. Do you remember the first bicycle you ever owned? It could have been a gift from your folks, or a memento from your first date in the park. Lots of my friends have a story about their first bicycle, which is why we would like rekindle your first bicycle love this week with Pure Fix Cycles.

Pure Fix Cycles Accepts Bitcoin

Pure Fix Cycles is the latest installment in the Bitcoin Accepted Here series that has been running on the cex.io blog. Pure Fix Cycles is a company based in Burbank, California. The company which currently has a team of 19 makes bicycles under the brand name Pure Fix Cycles. On their website, they describe their products as “a celebration of bicycling and all that it offers”.

Their bicycles come with interesting imaginative names that will leave a smile playing on your lips. For example, if you’ve got someone special you can get The Romeo and The Juliet for those moments when you want to cycle while getting to know each other better. If you love your drink strong, purchase The Whiskey for those moments when you’d rather be at the pub. And it would be the day, if one of our celebrities was to cycle for Academy Awards with The Oscar bike …

The company’s products have been attracting attention. Describing the origin of their company on the Forbes magazine, it began with an idea in college. The founders were looking for a cheap way of getting around college. The cheapest bicycles on the market cost about $1,000, which was way too much for their student budgets. So they resorted to DIY. In addition to Forbes, Pure Fix Cycles has been featured on such other magazines and newspapers as Elle, Women’s Health, Inc, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Pure Fix Goes International

Pure Fix Cycles may be among the first bicycle making company to accept payment in Bitcoin. This is great for the virtual currency as it sheds off its underground roots to move into the mainstream. Various jurisdictions around the world have already announced plans to regulate Bitcoin. A noteworthy aspect of Pure Fix Cycles is their having spread their wings to India, a consumer market of over 50 million, which could decisively be leveraged to transform Bitcoin into a truly global cryptocurrency.

However, for Bitcoin to take its rightful place as the international currency of the (almost) borderless Internet, companies such as Pure Fix Cycles will do well to offer more incentives for purchases made in Bitcoin. It could be argued that with Bitcoin’s wild fluctuations against the dollar that may for the time being not be viable. However, as with all other things the future always belongs to the daring and the bold. With their track record of innovation it is possible that companies like Pure Fix Cycles could lead the way, and hopefully some day have Bitcoin only stores. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. But then again, who ever imagined Bitcoin growing to become what it has become today?