An increasing number of restaurants and small cafes accept Bitcoin in many different countries. And luckily they’re usually great places to go. If you’re determined to spend your digital currency on food, then we’re happy to offer you at least 10 real-world places to eat in.

1. Craving a slice of New York pizza? You should definitely head to Lean Crust Pizza in Brooklyn. Choose from more than 10 kinds of pizza or build one to your taste. Delivery available!

2. Burger Bear street food stall in Shoreditch, London is another worthy place to pay for your food in Bitcoins. Purchase there an artisanal beef burger laced with a special spicy sauce, which is nothing out of the ordinary in this hip part of east London. All you need to do is to scan Burger Bear’s QR code to transfer the payment.

3. The Pink Cow is the first restaurant in Japan to accept Bitcoins. And a great place for your birthday, wedding reception party or any other special event. The Pink Cow offers regular food menu, as well as buffet for a big company.

4.  Le Petit Jardin — one part French-inspired bistro and one part flower shop that is located in Los Angeles. Good for a brunch with friends or a family dinner. You’ll love this place!

La Conu Iancu is a first restaurant that accepts Bitcoins in Bucharest, Romania. The restaurant hosts theatrical events in its summer garden and is designed in style of ‘French Bucharest of the 19th century’, when the city was known as the ‘Paris of the Balkans’. Must be just a perfect place for a romantic dinner.

6. If you’re a cupcake lover than you should definitely go all the way to Lausanne, Switzerland, to try them out at the Sweet Dreams Cupcake Café, the city’s famous “premier cupcake source”.

7. Tabitha Bakery, Food and Crafts in Mexico City is a family business that produces almost everything from cakes to handcraft. Regular visitors recommend ordering tiramisu in a first place 😉

8. Bandung Indonesian restaurant in Wisconsin is another place that offers food for Bitcoins. It is decorated with authentic Indonesian arts, crafts and batiks. You can have traditional food from various regions of Indonesia as well as original and creative fusion entrees.

9. The Pao Cafe is a Brazilian cafe and bakery, which is located in Newmarket, New Hampshire. They serve amazingly tasty cheesebread panini sliders accompanied by home made soups, salads, and gourmet desserts.

10. The Pizza Guys is Dubai’s first New York style pizzeria. Hand tossed, topped with handmade cheeses and ingredients like 100% hormone-free Wagyu beef, fresh herbs and vegetables, and a tomato sauce that’ll make you sing. No shortcuts, no gimmicks, no freezer. And yes, that all is for Bitcoins!

So this is our list of 10 best Bitcoin-friendly restaurants. Obviously, there are much more good places all over the world where you can easily pay for food with Bitcoins. Over 7,500 UK restaurants accept payments in Bitcoin through the online takeaway service  In the US through Menufy, over 400 restaurants in 28 states likewise accept cryptocurrency payments. Foodler allows ordering delicious food from thousands of top-rated restaurants, so you don’t even have to leave your place!

We hope you’ll find this article useful. And most importantly that now you know, if you have Bitcoins, at the very least, you won’t go hungry.