Bitcoin world is closely connected with technology and science, and male developers, innovators, entrepreneurs and researchers rather often dominate in these industries. Fewer women work in the STEM field; most of the attendants at tech-conferences held around the world are men. Despite the global trend of gender equality, fewer women than men have access to the Internet. Therefore, one might not find the lack of female representation in the Bitcoin community striking.

A venue hosting an event focusing on a scientific or technological industry very often accommodates hundreds of men and a number of women amounting to a single digit figure. Victoria Turk, Editor at MotherBoard, in the article Bitcoin Needs Women, says that the ratio of men and women attending Bitcoin happenings is “around 1:10 at the very best”. Furthermore, a research done by Simulacrum in February 2013 after surveying 1,000 valid respondents concluded that 95.2% of Bitcoin users were men. According to, the majority of the Bitcoin discussion forums (88.7%) are men, whereas women hold only 6%.

Many debate on the cause of such low representation. Some emphasize that women are more averse to financial risk than men and are more careful with their savings, especially when it comes to investing in a highly volatile cryptocurrency.

When it comes to Bitcoin forums and information hubs, anyone browsing through the discussions on the main Bitcoin forums and reddit’s Bitcoin subreddit, will have an impression that Bitcoin is a guys’ world. However, Bitcoin with its virtues strongly appealing to the global community such as decentralization, transparency and financial independence, should be incompatible with gender imbalance and gender specification. Currently, more women are entering the Bitcoin community, and this tendency will soon accelerate. We already see more and more women involved in Bitcoin-related projects attending various events and starting Bitcoin businesses. Here are some representative websites/forums that welcome female Bitcoin-enthusiasts:

Women in Bitcoin — Facebook 236 likes

Women in Bitcoin is a growing platform for women and supporters to learn about Bitcoin and build partnership and meaningful relationship to promote women in Bitcoin. This organization was founded by Helen Hua from Tradehill and Paige Freeman from Bitpay. The group also has weekly meetups in San Francisco, California, to network, have fun and talk about Bitcoin. To get involved in this community, visit their Facebook page or Meetup page.

Bitcoin Woman Magazine

Bitcoin Woman Magazine is the first international Bitcoin magazine for women. It focuses on economic and social aspect within the Bitcoin community providing women with news and information on the development of the cryptocurrency world. The magazine is administered by volunteers in Sweden, USA, UK and Russia. It is planning to establish Bitcoin Woman Entrepreneurs Association, which will facilitate networking, encourage business cooperation and inspire women as entrepreneurs in using, investing and adopting Bitcoins. For more information, visit

/r/Bitcoin Ladies — 56 readers

/r/Bitcoin Ladies is a small Bitcoin community on Reddit that shares its experience in spending, investing and trading Bitcoins. They discuss achievements for women in the Bitcoin community, tips on shopping with Bitcoin, entrepreneurial ideas and success in Bitcoin-related projects. The group is small but gradually growing.

The Bitcoin Wife

The Bitcoin Wife is run by Mrs. P, who supports and promotes Bitcoin on her website. The site contains with fresh ideas on where and how to spend Bitcoins as a woman. Here you can find tips on where to purchase clothes and accessories, beauty products, food, travel-related items, presents for boyfriend or husband, etc.

Hopefully, soon the gender imbalance will become less evident and more female players with appear in the entrepreneurial and technological area of Bitcoin.