Trade ETH for BTC with 0% Fee
May 18, 2016

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Interested in trading Ether? Then we at CEX.IO welcome you to try out our exchange and trading platform. Here, you can trade ETH/BTC and ETH/USD right on the website, via our official mobile app, or using several API solutions. Although CEX.IO has enabled Ether trading only a month ago, the interest in buying ETH or speculating on its price is steadily growing. Apart from reliability and user-friendliness that CEX.IO offers, there is something extra that makes trading ETH on our exchange advantageous compared to other exchanges. Literally, you can buy Ethereum absolutely for free.

Ethereum Trading for Free

CEX.IO is known for supporting innovations. Not only we have launched Ether trading, but also decreased trade fees associated with that. So, if you want to buy ETH for USD or sell it, the fee will be only 0.2%. What’s more, ETH/BTC trading is absolutely free, with 0% trade commission.

How to Start Trading ETH/BTC

Even if you haven’t used CEX.IO yet, it is absolutely easy to start trading Ethers for Bitcoins with 0% fee:

  • Sign up with CEX.IO
  • Deposit Ethers or Bitcoins
  • Start trading right away

Please note that CEX.IO doesn’t support Ethereum transactions generated from smart contracts. Therefore, make sure to send ETH in traditional transactions only.

In case you do not possess any Ethers, but still want to try out trading ETH/BTC, you can simply buy ETH with Visa/MasterCard.

Buy Ethereum with Credit Card

Knowing that card payments are highly common all around the globe, we at CEX.IO made sure to create the best conditions of buying cryptocurrency with payment cards. This being said, we accept any Visa/MasterCard in any currency, both debit and credit cards. What’s more, you can use virtual cards, such as Neteller or Netspend, and even your PayPal Debit MasterCard or PayPal Extras MasterCard, which enables you to literally buy Ether with PayPal. Link the card to your CEX.IO profile, you can instantly buy ETH for USD on CEX.IO. Check out this short video on how to link a card to CEX.IO: your Visa or MasterCard is linked to CEX.IO profile, you can use it to withdraw fiat funds (USD, EUR, RUB) from CEX.IO. Withdrawals to credit cards are processed automatically and instantly.

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Product Team

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