September 15, 2014, Jeffrey Smith, CIO of CEX.IO presented our brand new service called Plugchain — an open API created for building smart crypto applications. Official presentation was held at the afterparty within Inside Bitcoins London conference.

Plugchain is a platform devoted to building Bitcoin applications using developers’ knowledge outside of Bitcoin and enabling to create handy crypto apps faster than before.

Plugchain service delivers clear API to receive the necessary information. We parse blockchain permanently and save all its data in a database. When creating Plugchain, we’ve been thinking not only about Bitcoin, but also about other cryptocurrencies. That is why Plugchain supports multicurrency API calls and can be used for creating outstanding Litecoin and Dogecoin apps. Other cryptocurrencies can be easily added by request.

Having worked on Plugchain for only two weeks, we managed to make our server respond 10 times faster than those of other API services. Treating developers as our users and clients, we provide professional CEX.IO support for those who have any questions or problems when using Plugchain. Finally, we made Plugchain free forever and for everyone.

 “With Plugchain, we hope to provide easy solutions for independent developers and all those companies that are in need of developers, saving hours of time for research and understanding how to build up even a simple merchant application,” Jeffrey Smith. “By this means we are developing the Bitcoin ecosystem and get more developers from the outside involved in crypto.”

To find more about Plugchain, please visit

Helga Danova for CEX.IO