CEX.IO Reaches Milestone of Over 75 000 Active Users – Announces Litecoin Trading
Feb 12, 2014

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Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platform CEX.IO Reaches Milestone of Over 75 000 Active Users – Announces Litecoin Trading

CEX.IO – the world’s premier Bitcoin cloud mining and trading platform – has ushered in 2014 with many new features and goals. The platform has reached the significant milestone of over 75 000 active users, and CEX.IO’s clients can now trade Bitcoin for Litecoin. USD to BTC trading is currently being developed and is scheduled to be released February – March 2014; CEX.IO iOS and Android apps will also go live in February-March 2014. The Ghash.IO mining pool, which clients’ ASIC mining shares use to mine Bitcoin in the cloud with CEX, is now the top Bitcoin mining pool in the world, with a combined computational power of 5 PHS.

When CEX.IO’s users cloud mine Bitcoin, the merge mined coins Namecoin (NMC), Devcoin (DVC) and Ixcoin (IXC) are also automatically mined and generated by customers’ ASIC Bitcoin cloud mining shares; which can be freely bought and sold instantly on CEX’s open exchange platform. Currently, CEX.IO supports the trading of the following currency pairs on their open exchange: BTC / LTC, BTC / NMC, BTC / GHS and NMC / GHS. USD to BTC trading will be implemented in February-March 2014.

Dedicated to the security of customer funds, CEX.IO recommends that all clients enable two factor authentication on their accounts; to protect their digital currency and cloud mining assets in the event that their username and password are compromised. CEX.IO has also recently launched a convenient getting started guide for users which may be new to the world of Bitcoin cloud mining https://cex.io/guide

Since launch CEX.IO has experienced phenomenal growth: with a current user base of 77 000 active users and 10 000 unique traders logging in every day from all over the globe. Approximately 35 000 buy / sell orders are placed daily on CEX’s exchange platform – where users can trade Bitcoin and Namecoin for GHS Bitcoin cloud mining shares, and Bitcoin, Namecoin and Litecoin.

As Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity worldwide, CEX.IO continues to offer the most accessible and professional Bitcoin cloud mining experience to be found anywhere online. With the recent addition of BTC / LTC trading, reaching over 75 000 active users, and the upcoming iOS app, Android app and BTC / USD trading – CEX.IO has proven itself as a professional, ceaselessly innovating Bitcoin cloud mining platform which plays a key role in the global Bitcoin ecosystem.

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