Q: How do I place a buy or sell order and manage it?

  1. From the CEX.IO Trade page select the required trading pair (for this example we are using GHS/BTC and buying). This automatically calls up the pair charts and trade depth information.
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  3. Scroll down to the Trade: Buy or Sell GHS. Here you will see the relative balances you hold. For this example we will be putting a buy order in at a price lower than the current market price (you would do this if you wish to try and purchase at a better price at some point in the future. If you were selling you would be putting in a price higher than the current market hoping to sell at a better price at a future date).
  4. Enter the number of GHS you wish to buy and the price you wish to pay. As long as you have enough in your account balance and you enter the details correctly the boxes will turn green ready for you to select Place order. At this point you also see how much your trade will cost plus the total trade value.
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  6. Select Place order. You will be presented a confirmation screen. Check the details are correct and select Place Order (you also have the option to cancel at this point).
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  8. Once the order is placed scroll down to Active Orders. Here you will see your open orders displayed and from here you can manage them. By manage them we mean ensuring you remember you have open orders because the orders will remain in the market depth until either they execute or you cancel them. If you do wish to cancel, simply select cancel from the Active Orders screen.
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  10. Super Tip: Once your order is placed into the market the value of the transaction is subtracted from your current account balance (if you are buying, this is to ensure you do not over extend you buying power which is based on the value of your account).

For further information relating to trading on the CEX.IO exchange please read our FAQ: Trading related questions