Start trading cryptocurrencies easily. CEX.IO BROKER (or, depending on where you reside) is a handy and easy-to-use trading solution for both experienced traders from the traditional financial market and cryptocurrency fans.

CEX.IO Broker is a CFD platform. CFD trading, or a “Contract for Difference,” is a financial trading instrument under which no physical ownership of assets takes place. In other words, there is no exchange of the underlying assets, but rather the change in the value over the length of the contract.

CEX.IO BROKER offerings

For CEX.IO BROKER, we have combined the best features from CFD trading, margin trading, forex trading, and other multi-asset trading solutions with innovation. Building on over five years of experience in cryptocurrency trading on the CEX.IO exchange, CEX.IO BROKER is a multi-functional trading tool that meets the needs of demanding traders from traditional financial markets as well as cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Below are some of the features of CEX.IO BROKER:

  • A simple, user-friendly trading interface with a variety of trading tools
  • Support for popular types of orders including market, limit, stop, and OCO
  • More advanced technology for margin trading
  • A familiar interface for forex traders
  • BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, ETH/BTC, ETH/USD, and ETH/EUR trading pairs
  • Cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals
  • Integration of payments through the reliable CEX.IO trading platform
  • Simple access to the platform and the opportunity for existing CEX.IO users to use their CEX.IO login details
  • The opportunity to create several accounts for the same currency and the ability to segregate accounts for different strategies
  • The opportunity to view and synthesize historical data and to use the information to design a more effective strategy
  • Available soon as a mobile application for iOS and Android
  • One-click and double-click trading options

Live and Demo accounts

CEX.IO BROKER allows for users to create a Demo account to familiarize themselves with the platform. A Demo account does not involve real money, so you can trade without losing your funds. Later, once you have got acquainted with order types and understand how to use the platform, you may open a Live account to deposit funds and start trading with real money.

Please note that the full services offered by CEX.IO BROKER are currently available in specific locations only. As a customer residing in a covered country, you will be able to use both Demo and Live accounts. As a customer residing in the US, UK, and EU countries, you will currently be able to use only a Demo account. As soon as we are ready to deliver our service in new countries, we will be happy to provide you with access to Live accounts as well.

You can find the list of countries where we deliver our service in the Supported Countries section of the website.

Available leverages

In the beginning, customers residing in covered countries will be able to trade on CEX.IO BROKER with leverage of 1:2, 1:3, 1:5 and 1:10. The available leverage will depend on the market and your place of residence. Once we are able to provide our services in new regions, we will notify you of the specific conditions available to customers residing in your country.

Deposits and withdrawals

Currently, CEX.IO BROKER supports only BTC deposits and withdrawals for customers residing in covered countries. You can easily transfer funds from a CEX.IO wallet. Deposits from a CEX.IO account will be instant and commission-free.

If you do not have BTC, but would like to trade on CEX.IO BROKER, you may purchase Bitcoin on CEX.IO and seamlessly transfer it to your CEX.IO BROKER account. This solution offers customers a fast and convenient way to start trading on CEX.IO BROKER.

At the same time, you can withdraw BTC to CEX.IO and later transfer it to your external wallet. However, keep in mind that you will only be able to withdraw funds from CEX.IO BROKER after you pass the necessary verification procedure. If you already have a verified CEX.IO account, you do not need to pass the verification process again.

Verification on CEX.IO BROKER

To withdraw your funds from CEX.IO BROKER, you will have to verify your account by providing some information and verifying your identity. Once your identity is confirmed, you will be able to transfer your money from CEX.IO BROKER. As always, any transmission of your personal data will be encrypted to ensure that it is secure.

Regulatory framework

We strive to deliver all our services to our customers in a regulated and compliant manner. We are currently working with regulators in many different regions across the EU and the US so that we can bring all the benefits of CEX.IO BROKER wherever our customers may be.

Important notice

If you reside in a country that is not covered, your access to CEX.IO BROKER will be limited to the Demo version. Please read all the notifications carefully, especially the ones regarding depositing funds. If you deposit money to CEX.IO BROKER and later we confirm that you reside in a location that we are not licensed to operate, you may be at risk of losing your funds.

Trading CFDs may be risky; please exercise discretion. Always trade responsibly and take the necessary precautions like setting stop losses.

We are excited to see how the CEX.IO BROKER platform will enhance cryptocurrency trading. Keep in mind that the platform is currently in beta, and we are working on improving it. If you have any comments or suggestions about the new platform, feel free to contact us. We will use your feedback to improve the product and provide the best service possible.