Needless to say that crypto-currency communities are well known for their generosity.

Just to name one example, the Dogecoin community and foundation have encouraged fundraising for charities. Along the way, many users are willing to spread the word about Bitcoin: whether it’s telling your friends about crypocurrency or sending a few satoshi to strangers after seeing an interesting read on the Internet. This is where ChangeTip comes in.

Have you ever seen a post on Reddit or perhaps some impressive Bitcoin artwork on Twitter that makes you want to throw a few dollars in the original poster’s direction? ChangeTip allows all of that. Founded by Nick Sullivan, ChangeTip was designed to help support content creators that deserve a little more recognition instead of a simple “Like”. Thanks to a vast support of every major social networking site from Facebook to Tumblr, you can easily send and receive Bitcoins by simply tagging “@ChangeTip (satoshi amount)” in your post.

Once you have sent your tip to another user, the bot will recognise the tip and inform the receiver to claim it and have the transaction confirmed. Otherwise, the tip will be cancelled. Moreover, there are no fees when tipping using ChangeTip, however there may be the regular mining fee, and there will be a 1% withdrawal fee on January 15, 2015.

Who is ChangeTip for?

Well, to sum it up nicely, ChangeTip is for everyone. However it is still in its early days and most supporters are already huge crypto-currency enthusiasts or those who have seen its potential and then have adapted to it in hopes that it will bring in some money for their content.

ChangeTip culture

As every cryptocurrency community, ChangeTip has its culture. For example, Dogecoin brought us the comical “to the moon!” mentality.  ChangeTip users refer to themselves as being gentlemen whenever tipping as if every Bitcoin tip is a metaphor for being an upper-class male tipping his hat, like a “true gentleman.”
A gentleman tipping his hat while grasping a Bitcoin is also the logo for ChangeTip!

ChangeTip supports the use of monikers and custom monikers as a way to specify amounts of value via each tip. For example, if you wish to send enough Bitcoin for the receiver to purchase beer, you would type “1 beer” or “a beer” instead of the literal amount of $3.50.
Some of the most popular standard monikers used by the ChangeTip community are:
donut – 35 cents
taco – 2.50 USD
lunch – 8 USD
beer – 3.50 USD

Does ChangeTip live up to its “Love Button of the Internet” name?

Yes, ChangeTip revolutionizes the way people see crypto-currency. There is no easy way to simply send some money in a fiat to someone else, regardless of the amount. In order to share the wealth across the Internet, you would not only have to exchange private information, but would have to use a site like PayPal.
Not only does the ChangeTip service allow non-Bitcoin enthusiasts to easily tip and support interesting content over a number of social networks, it introduces them to the world of crypto-currency that many people don’t even know exists by removing the complexities. So if you have received your first Bitcoins – this might be helpful – “So You’ve Got Your First Bitcoins: Now What?”

And have you been changetipped? Share answers in comments!