With the holidays quickly approaching many Bitcoin and digital currency enthusiasts and supporters are looking for new places to use their new age currency. Fortunately, there is a rapidly growing number of businesses that accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies for their products (Read: 10 Presents You Can Buy with Bitcoin). So if you missed Bitcoin black Friday or just still have a few people on your list to shop for, read on for some of the top Bitcoin accepting merchants.


From unique clothing and jewelry to electronics and teas BitDazzle is sure to have something for someone on your list. Bitdazzle.com has a wide variety of great gift items all available for reasonable prices, and of course the site accepts Bitcoin. BitDazzle also accepts Paypal for payments. However, they offer a discount exclusively for shoppers who pay with Bitcoin on most of their items.


Site: cheapair.com CheapAir offers an expedia-like service by finding competitively priced flights for customers. If you’ve recently considered a vacation and have been thought about planning one for the holidays, be sure to check out cheapair.com. While you can pay at cheapair.com with Western Union or a credit card, they also accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.


Site: gyft.com Sometimes the easiest person to shop for is the person you don’t know what to get. Buying a gift card for someone is always a guarantee that they get what they want. At gyft.com gift cards for over 200 retailers can be bought with Bitcoin, or the Gyft gift card can be used anywhere major credit cards are accepted. Gyft usually offers cash back or points systems for incentive to using Bitcoin for purchases.


If you were planning to purchase flowers for your significant other this year, you might be happy to learn that 1-800 Flowers accepts Bitcoin as of this year. This is a good use of the new digital currency as it helps keep the surprise factor available by eliminating the chance of the receiver seeing the purchase on a credit card bill.


Everyone loves getting a gift they can eat in the form of chocolate. Now you can give the gift of chocolate and pay in Bitcoin. Cacaocoin.com offers great Belgian chocolate and allows shoppers to pay with fiat or Bitcoin. While the company is still fairly new and they’re catalog somewhat small compared to larger companies, the prices are very reasonable and they’re selection is certainly expected as the company succeeds and expands.


Site: Windows Store With a Microsoft latest announcement about accepting Bitcoins as payment, you can simply purchase content in the Windows Store, or in stores that house Xbox Games, Xbox Music or Xbox Video. These are just a few examples of businesses where holiday shoppers can spend their digital currency. There are plenty of other companies that take Bitcoin, and the list grows larger every day. So if you haven’t finished your shopping yet and still have some Bitcoin to spend, be sure to check out some of these cryptocurrency supporting businesses before it’s too late. Or you can always present a Bitcoin as a Christmas gift.