ETH/EUR Trading Launched on CEX.IO
Jun 3, 2016

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We are pleased to announce the launch of ETH/EUR trading on our platform and continuing support of Ethereum network, which requires Ethers for its operation.

ETH/EUR is the third Ether-related market on CEX.IO, after ETH/BTC and ETH/USD. To drive Ether market growth, we at CEX.IO have lowered trade fees:

  • 0% for ETH/BTC
  • 0.1% for ETH/EUR
  • 0.2% for ETH/USD

Buy Ethereum for Euro, Dollar and Bitcoin

You can also enjoy benefits of cheap deposits in USD or EUR using your payment cards, to buy Ethereum for USD, EUR or BTC. Remember that you thereby can use any Visa or MasterCard issued in any currency. This refers to debit and credit cards, prepaid cards, virtual cards, such as Neteller, Netspend and others, and also PayPal Debit MasterCard and PayPal Extras MasterCard. Once the card is linked to your CEX.IO profile, you can easily deposit and withdraw funds to buy ETH for EUR, USD or Bitcoin. 

If you possess Euros, you may also use SEPA to deposit and withdraw funds. All fees associated with any payment methods are available on the website. 

Product Team
Product Team

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