ETH/USD Margin Trading Launched on CEX.IO

, March 13, 2017

We are pleased to announce ETH/USD margin trading on CEX.IO, following numerous requests from our users. This is the fourth pair for trading with 1:2 and 1:3 leverage on the exchange, after BTC/USD, BTC/EUR and ETH/BTC. 

Margin trading is a perfect way to trade more than you’d be able to trade using your funds only, and that can result in a higher profit. Trading with leverage on our exchange is easy and intuitive. Therefore, not only traders can take advantage of it, but also cryptocurrency beginners. 

Why Use Margin Trading on CEX.IO?

The killer feature of margin trading on the platform is a risk-preventing system guaranteeing that margin trading cannot move your balance to negative values. 

Other benefits of margin trading on the exchange are the following: 

  • Guaranteed stop loss. Our system reserves part of the order book, so that position is closed at price, not worse than the stop loss price.
  • Automatic funds borrowing. You do not need to borrow funds in advance. Funds borrowing is done together with position opening.
  • No extra accounts. Unlike many other exchanges, CEX.IO doesn’t require any additional accounts for margin trading. You can use your ordinary account to trade with leverage.
  • Efficient fees. Rollover fee (fee for prolonging position) is charged only while position is opened and not charged for the first 4 hours. 

To trade with leverage, simply proceed to Trade Page, select the trading pair (ETH/USD, BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, ETH/BTC) and click on the Margin Trading tab. 

Developing Markets

We believe that ETH/USD margin trading will drive ETH market movement. This update is a part of our markets development program. We are now focusing on improving your trading experience by adding more tools and markets. We are planning to introduce margin trading for other pairs as well.  



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