CEX.IO is the first and currently leading commodity exchange platform, which aims to make people more aware of the advantages of Bitcoins trading and mining as well as to upskill Bitcoin traders and expand their knowledge of various mining possibilities, e.g. Cloud Mining and Redeeming Hardware.

While Bitcoin mining is a process, which allows GHS (hashing speed of BitFury Chips) owners to receive financial rewards, the most important feature of CEX.IO is Bitcoin trading as well as trading commodities for Bitcoins.

CEX.IO and GHash.IO have joined forces to create a unique environment that allows Commodity trading and mining simultaneously. This new concept called Cloud Mining allows traders all over the world to engage in Bitcoin trading and at the same avoid all the disadvantages of personal hardware possession, such as late hardware delivery, complicated installation, unstable hash rate, noise pollution and strong dependency of electricity and Internet connectivity etc. After creating an account and purchasing GHS through Cloud Mining, traders are able to start Bitcoin mining right away.

Users also need to keep an eye on the GHS price fluctuation, if they want to receive additional profit from trading GHS when the price rises or drops. CEX.IO provides 24/7 user support system as well as secure storage and professional maintenance for the mining chips that located in their data centre.

CEX.IO has initiated a 3% referral program that enables its Bitcoin miners to receive additional earning for referring other Bitcoin traders to join the club. CEX.IO guarantees stability and safety for all the Bitcoin trading and mining opportunities. In addition, CEX.IO takes no trade fee and provides its users with live market quotes. Bitcoin trading with CEX.IO is an easy and efficient way of investing your free funds in the leading crypto-currency that has so much potential.

With CEX.IO you can trade while you mine, and mine while you trade!