Whenever you have a question or comment about our trading platform here at CEX.IO, we’ll always be happy to find a solution to your specific issue. Trading on any exchange can be rather difficult, and we understand that things can get even trickier when you’re trading shares of mining power. If you need some help from our support staff, then these are the places you can go to request assistance.

CEX.IO Support Forum, FAQ, and Blog

Before you ask our CEX.IO support team for help, it’s usually a good idea to make sure someone else hasn’t already asked that same question in the past. There are many common issues that our users encounter on a regular basis, and there’s no need to create a new support ticket if the same issue has already been dealt with in the past. Whether you’re dealing with a security concern or you just want to ask a question about trading on the CEX.IO platform, the FAQ section is always going to be the best place to start. If your question is not found in that section, then that means you could actually have a unique issue for our support team to deal with as quickly as possible.

It’s important to note that our support forum is also searchable, which means you should be able to see many of the support tickets that other users have sent to us in the past. The forum is definitely the second place you want to visit if you’re unable to find your problem in the FAQ section. One last place to look before you decide to contact us directly is the blog. We often post solutions for certain issues or site updates on the blog, so make sure that we haven’t made some kind of announcement before you contact support.

Submitting Your Own Ticket or Question

If your issue is not something that has been brought up by another user in the past, then you’ll definitely want to contact our support team. There are two options when you want to contact us directly. If you’re a Facebook user, then you may find it useful to bring your question up to us though our Facebook page. This could be helpful for other users because they’ll get to see the dialogue between you and our support team. If you’d like to take a more private approach, then you can always email us directly at support@cex.io.