Bitcoin enthusiasts are always looking for new places to spend high-tech currency, and it seems to get easier every day. While there is no shortage of companies accepting digital currency in the United States, there are certainly a few places that stand out. Boston, San Francisco, New York, Miami, and Las Vegas all have active communities that regularly meet, discuss, and support the Bitcoin technology. Here are few places worth visiting:


The New England city of Boston is embracing Bitcoin with open arms. The large capital city has at least two Bitcoin ATM’s and also has regular Bitcoin meetings where fans and supporters of the technology can meet and discuss topics in person or online. Cambridge is also home to Veggie Galaxy, a restaurant that accepts Bitcoin for it’s vegetarian and vegan meals. If vegetarian food isn’t really your thing, Thelonious Monkfish features sushi and Asian cuisine, and promotes using Bitcoin right on their homepage.


San Francisco and Hollywood have also seen Bitcoin ATMs and even a Bitcoin fair. The fair was hosted earlier this year by the Ramen Underground Restaurant, which also accepts the currency. The large city boasts a very active Bitcoin community with over ten meetings currently scheduled. Rocknonymous Media is a major media production company in Hollywood that is trying to operate entirely with Bitcoin funding. Making movies using Bitcoin instead of fiat would be a huge accomplishment for the cryptocurrency, and would likely attract a lot of positive attention. The company believes that using Bitcoin in place of traditional fiat money would dramatically reduce the costs required to make movies.

New York

New York city is home to at least one Bitcoin ATM located in a boutique called FLAT 128 that accepts Bitcoin for their products. The EVR (pronounced “Ever) gastro-lounge also accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment for food and service. The city that never sleeps also has a strong community that hosts regular meetings to discuss Bitcoin topics, their Facebook group alone (Bitcoin NYC) has over 2000 members.

Las Vegas, Nevada

In Las Vegas Nevada two casinos have begun accepting the currency for hotel stays, gift shops, and restaurants. The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel has a Bitcoin ATM and accepts Bitcoin for various services, although Bitcoin has not yet been approved for gambling. The oldest casino in Las Vegas, dating back to 1906, The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino has also begun testing acceptance of the new technology using Bitpay. Moreover, you can even get your hair done for Bitcoin before hitting the casinos at the Tzigane Osborne Headliners Salon. In fact, Vegas also recently held this years Inside Bitcoins Conference at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, earlier this month.

South Florida

The place to go if you’re in Miami Florida is The Planet Linux Caffe, where Bitcoin is accepted and embraced along with other computer related technology. The Advantaged Yacht Charters and Sales also accepts Bitcoin for some rather expensive purchases. Miami also hosts The North American Bitcoin Conference currently scheduled for January 16-18 2015 at the Fillmore Theatre

These are just a few examples of places you can go to spend some of that Bitcoin you’ve been holding onto. There are many more businesses accepting Bitcoin every day, however, it does seem to be mostly in bigger cities. Be sure to keep an eye out for local businesses near you and if you come across any be sure to post about it or report it online so the rest of the Bitcoin community can be aware of it.

By Keith Andre for CEX.IO