In the previous article on the hot conferences to look forward to in 2015, we have covered only six of them (The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Bitcoinconference 2015 in Amsterdam, Bitcoin Expo 2015 in London, Inside Bitcoins in Singapore, Let the Bit Drop in Dominica, and Texas Bitcoin Conference). This year will indeed bring us a sheer variety of major events in the cryptocurrency world, so that one may just pick what’s most appealing to their taste – or what takes place in the closest proximity. Let’s take a look at some more spots to crash in 2015.

CoinFest 2015

CoinFest 2015 will be held on February 20-22 in multiple locations around the world. After the first event in a form of a Bitcoin meetup took place in Vancouver, Canada, it has spread around the world. The main idea of CoinFest is decentralization, which is why everyone is welcome to join the gig, choose a theme, and hold the festival in their home country. In order to attend, choose one of the available 16 countries on the website and follow the local news. Attendance is always free.

This year’s locations:

  • Canada: Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa.
  • USA: Denver (Colorado) and Marietta (Georgia).
  • Latin America: Santiago (Chile), Bogota (Colombia), Fortaleza (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina).
  • Africa: Gaborone (Botswana), Kumasi (Ghana), Freetown (Sierra Leone).
  • Asia: Hyderabad (India).
  • Russia: Moscow, St Petersburg, Orenburg, Yekaterinburg.
  • Europe: Helsinki (Finland), Arnhem (Netherlands), Rome (Italy), Tallinn (Estonia), Kyiv (Ukraine).

The International Crypto Summit 2015

The International Crypto Summit 2015 is a very special event in a way that it has no physical location – the conference will be held on February 26-27 online. Everyone is welcome to join what appears to be an engaging role-playing multiplayer game. Virtual characters will be operated by the attendees, virtual booths will display the info on companies and startups, a virtual cinema will broadcast the lectures, and a virtual bar will offer drinks to the visitors.

Major players of the Bitcoin industry are expected, among them Roger Ver, Anthony Di Iorio, Toni Lane Casserly of CoinTelegraph, Jonathan Chester of Bitwage, and others. The attendees will address such topics, including: the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin killer apps, innovation, and cryptocurrency-related education and promotion. The special event on the first day of the Expo will be the Blockchain’s sixth virtual Birthday party.

Inside Bitcoins

We have already mentioned the Singapore event which took place in January. Rather than being a one-time gig, Inside Bitcoins is a set of such all around the world. The conference and expo will consist of 7 more events:

  • Berlin: March 5-6
  • New York: April 27-29
  • Hong Kong: May 14-15
  • Chicago: July 10-11
  • London: September
  • San Diego: November 16-18
  • Seoul: December 10-11

The closest conference will be held in Berlin in early March. It will consist of the exhibition part, which is free to attend, and the main part where one can attend workshops and listen to the leading industry speakers. Investment opportunities, payment solutions, decentralised apps, and utilisation of the Blockchain technology will be among the topics for discussion.

Bitcoin Africa Conference

The first Africa’s full-scale cryptocurrency conference, Bitcoin Africa Conference, will be held on 16-17 April in Cape Town, South Africa. The conference aims to gather Bitcoin educators, entrepreneurs, developers, and advocates in one place, in order to talk about the immediate needs of the Africa’s population and the possible ways of using Bitcoin to solve them.

The most common issues the African continent deals with are remittances and payments for underbanked people. Kenya-based Bitpesa is providing families of emigrant workers with an opportunity to receive money fast and with minimal commissions. We assume that this will be among the main focal points of the conference. Tickets can be obtained from the event’s official website.

The events outlined above are just some of those planned for 2015. There are much more conferences, meetups, and gigs to come in the months to follow. It does not matter what position you occupy and what industry you belong to, if you are enthusiastic about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you might want to follow the trends, and the best way of doing that is to attend a conference, especially since the Bitcoin events are taking place all over the world.