CEX.IO announces lower maintenance costs for owners of GHS. The previous cost was estimated at $0.30, but is now lowered to $0.26 for 1 GHS per month. The maintenance costs on these cloud-based mining commodities are used to pay for costs of electricity, hardware maintenance, and data centre upkeep. The main reason for this drop in maintenance costs is due to working closely with hardware providers who can provide nearly free upkeep costs. This drop in maintenance costs for holders of GHS should lead to long-term savings for investors.

Maintenance costs reduction is the result of successful cooperation with the leading hardware providers who agreed on the nearly free repair costs. Moreover, the platform works hard to get the most effective electricity contracts, which is a significant part of the maintenance costs.

Calculating the total costs that actually impact investors of GHS is actually quite simple. There is a combined $0.30 kW x hour cost for general maintenance, and that cost is then applied to the amount of power required by one GHS. 1 GHS consumes 0.015 kW of power, so you multiply that by the $0.30 maintenance cost to get $0.00045 per hour. With the new, lower cost, maintenance on GHS is lowered to $0.00039 per hour.

CEX.IO is always looking out for the best interests of its customers, which is why these adjustments will continue to be made whenever necessary. It’s important to note that these costs only apply to cloud-based GHS miners, namely for those who use CEX.IO Cloud Mining services. Users with their own mining equipment are not affected. Don’t hesitate to contact CEX.IO today if you have any questions regarding this maintenance cost change.