Coinbase launched a Bitcoin Exchange in the US

This week started with a rocky announcement of Coinbase to become the first one to launch regulated and fully licensed Bitcoin exchange. This might be by far the most vibrant news, but the initial statement included information about 24 jurisdictions. Later, The California Department of Business Oversight and the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) issued a negative response regarding Coinbase’s license to operate in the states of California and New York.

In addition, it came just along with another exciting announcement of Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss’ of their plans for a similar US exchange, called Gemini. The only difference is that Gemini is not open to the general public yet.

Amsterdam Bitcoin Hackathon Winner Discovers Way To Remove Confirmations

The team of four hackers might have constructed the theoretical basics to avoid confirmations when transacting Bitcoins at the Amsterdam Bitcoin Hackathon. The service, called NoRiskWallet, helps to prevent the risk of losing their money for both customers and merchants with a solution. Funds from NoRiskWallet are locked in multisignature addresses until the funds are spent or returned if the deadline set by the user is reached.

BitFury considers an option in Bitcoin сloud mining

Followed by the previous statement in Miami at The North American Conference, the company stated its interest in cloud mining and outlined the scheme of providing hardware to partners. According to BitFury, cloud mining facilities, GHs, will be sold straight from the mining company, which, according to BitFury, will lead to the risk eliminating. Still, with the current price of Bitcoin and rising difficulty no fixed deadlines are announced yet.

The price of Bitcoin hit $300 and then moved back to $230

The Coinbase announcement sewed up a massive bullish trend, so the price pushed beyond $300. Further issued statement of the US authorities regarding the Coinbase license pulled the price back to $230. With many talks about Bitcoin in the year 2015 from the Wall Street perspective, an impressive selloff took place leading the price down.

Braintree Activates Bitcoin Payments for US Merchants

Braintree, a PayPal subsidiary, announced about an enabling the Bitcoin payment through Coinbase starting from January, 22. Braintree has integrated Coinbase into its software development kit after its huge announcement in September, 2014, becoming the first major payment platform to allow Bitcoin transactions.