Recently, we have been notified about phishing attempts on some of CEX.IO and other Crypto Services users via an Android application. 

The App was reported, and removed from the Play Store, however, the developer of the app managed to acquire sensitive information such as usernames and passwords of those users who have downloaded the application on their devices. The affected users have been immediately contacted thereafter.

Provided the situation, we would like to pay exceptional attention to security of individual accounts registered on CEX.IO. 

To lower the possibility of fraud cases and strengthen account security, please follow the advice below:

  • do not click on suspicious links
  • do not download dubious desktop and mobile applications from any developers or stores
  • make sure you’ve enabled a Two-Factor Authentication on your CEX.IO account

At CEX.IO, we are constantly improving account security, for immunity of our users’ accounts is of a high priority. We will keep you updated about new tools and ways to secure your account.

CEX.IO would like to thank Sam Stewart who works as a Security Engineer at CoinJar and has informed us about the phishing attempt.