Trading Competition: Back to school 🤓
Sep 9, 2021

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We hate to break it for you, but summer is gone 🥶.

Good news?

🎄New Year gets closer! 

Now it’s time to throw a blanket over your suntanned skin, make yourself some latte with marshmallows, and bite into charts once again in 2021.

Students are back to school and traders are back to the terminals. Yasss!!!

Trading competition is back, too!

And just like in real school, you can choose to master a few disciplines.

How about spot trading on CEX.IO and margin trading on CEX.IO Broker?

You can go for either. Getting “good grades” in both will secure your spot on the leaderboard. As always – more trading – more chances to win.


Compete for good grades

Unlike our Summer Biathlon, this academic year and Back to School competition starts with simple maths:

2 weeks of trading = Prize pool of $7,000 

You can win up to $2,500!

Now, more on good-graders.


Prize distribution:

  • 1st place – $2,500
  • 2nd place – $1,500
  • 3rd place – $1,000
  • Random prizes – 15x$100

The 15 random prizes will be allocated within separate groups of participants, depending on their final ranking. 

1 random winner in each one of the groups:

🏆 Group 1: Places 4 to 10. One winner gets $200

🏆 Group 2: Places 11 to 20 —  $180

🏆 Group 3: Places 21 to 30 — $160

🏆 Group 4: Places 31 to 40 — $150

🏆 Group 5: Places 41 to 50 — $130

🏆 Group 6: Places 51 to 60 — $120

🏆 Group 7: Places 61 to 70 — $110

🏆 Group 8: Places 71 to 80 — $100

🏆 Group 9: Places 81 to 90 — $80

🏆 Group 10: Places 91 to 100 — $70

🏆 Group 11: Places 101 to 110 — $60

🏆 Group 12: Places 111 to 120 —$50

🏆 Group 13: Places 121to 130 —$40

🏆 Group 14: Places 131 to 140 —$30

🏆 Group 15: Places 141to 150 —$20

Also, 5 random retweeters get $100.

As usual, the top 3 champions will grab the biggest rewards.

All you need is to do your best and gain the highest cumulative turnover. 

✅ All pairs count!

✅ Trade on CEX.IO, CEX.IO Broker, or BOTH!

✅ For CEX.IO Broker both opened and closed positions count!

Nerdy Trading Portal 🤓

How to win?

Be a good student and maintain a high trading volume.

Trade either on CEX.IO OR on CEX.IO Broker, or on BOTH our platforms and increase your chances.

We’re sure you are ready to get ahead of your classmates.

But first, register on the Competition page

So that we can start collecting your grades.

The Leaderboard on the Competition Page automatically recalculates the cumulative turnover of all registered participants, adding up the volumes that you trade on CEX.IO and CEX.IO Broker.

To register, you need 3 things:

  • An urge to win
  • A creative nickname
  • A verified account either on CEX.IO or on CEX.IO Broker.

We absolutely need your nickname to track your trades and then give you prizes. Those who don’t follow this rule — won’t be counted as participants.

In this way, you register at our Competition page, and we’ll record your trades! 

📚Reading books and training your trading part of the brain is allowed.

📝 Cheat sheets under the desk? 🤫 Okay, we won’t tell your teacher.

The coolest part is that you get the 2-week time for the limitless trading opportunities + the chance to win hard cash from us! 🤑

Join Students 📚


  1. The Competition is running from September 10 through September 23, 2021.*
  2. To qualify for the cash prize, you need to register for the Competition with your nickname on the Competition page.
  3. Only trading volume equal to or over $1,000 will count for the money rewards.
  4. The minimal number of trading orders/positions executed during the Competition must be equal to or exceed 5 orders/positions. We count only fully executed orders (i.e. working, but not executed orders, will not count) on CEX.IO and both open and closed positions on CEX.IO Broker.
  5. The participant has to trade for at least 3 days during the Competition. These might not be 3 consecutive dates.
  6. You can trade ALL pairs on CEX.IO, CEX.IO Broker, and both.
  7. The winners will receive prizes in their CEX.IO wallets within 7 days after the final leaderboard announcement.
  8. We’ll announce winners on our social media pages and Telegram by September 28, 2021.
  9. Competition is available only to residents of countries where CEX.IO and CEX.IO Broker operate. See the list of the unsupported countries for CEX.IO here, and for CEX.IO Broker — here.  
  10. CEX.IO may disqualify participants that are deemed to be illegally bulk registered and/or verified accounts. CEX.IO may disqualify participants without explaining the reasons.

*CEX.IO reserves the right to change the dates and terms of the Competition at any time without prior announcement. 

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