CEX.IO decided to interview our users – Bitcoin early adopters and newbies all over the world. Given that, we asked Seccour (a nickname), a Dubai Bitcoiner how it started, is there any places accepting Bitcoins and whether many people use Bitcoin in UAE.

How and when did you get involved with Bitcoin?

I discovered Bitcoin for the first time in December 2012. At that time, I was 16, and I had just discovered TOR. And exploring a bit TOR with a friend, we found that the network had “its” own currency – Bitcoin. After searching what that money was (and realize it was not the currency of the TOR network), how it works, etc. … I fell in love. And since then, I am a fan of crypto-currencies.

Tell us about the Bitcoin infrastructure in Dubai. Are there any Bitcoin centres/embassies/ATMs etc…?

In Dubai, there is only a few thing about Bitcoin. There are ATMs where you can only buy Bitcoins. But otherwise we have only one place where you can spend your Bitcoins for now: The Pizza Guys (it’s a pizzeria).

What about the Bitcoin meet ups? Do many people attend them? What do you mainly discuss? How often are they held?

We are usually a dozen to meet from time to time. It is usually the same group of people, but not all the time. But there are also bigger events, more rarely, where you can see about forty people like in “Dubai as Cointalk” which had occurred on April 21. For example, there will be fifteen of us at the next meet up that takes place on September 28.

And as for talking points… It depends a lot on the latest news in the world of crypto. We talk about our projects, mining, POS/POW etc…., the future of Bitcoin in the UAE and more.


How did you become CEX.IO user?

 I can not remember when or how I found your website. But I think it was thanks to a post on bitcointalk.

What do you like and do not like about our service?

What I like about your website is that it is easy to use, and there is a team that strives every day to improve the quality and quantity of services provided. The only two things that bothers me is that you can not see all the decimal places for some currencies (DOGE / DVC / WDC) and also that you can not exchange a currency that we mine: Devcoin.

However, you are providing a great service 🙂