For all people, watching how others do things has often been a great source of motivation. The phrase “If he can do it, so can I” has probably been the start of many good stories! We see the work, we see success, we see the struggle, and it makes us want to do something, too! The effort is extremely attractive, and trading is not an exception.

But what we often observe in the crypto world is intimidating glory. A guru, who never makes a mistake, shares one screenshot after another with the sky-high return on investment. In the meanwhile, what we rarely know is how many times he’s done it wrong before getting it right.

The reality is that you can do the exhaustive analysis and still lose in a trade. But, on the whole web, there’s barely a place where somebody shares trading losses as openly as trading gains. In the meanwhile, losses and mistakes are part of the process!

Introducing the Most Real Trading Experiment

We wanted to show the actual process of trading, with the decision-making, the doubts, luck, and human emotions. This process is often far from perfect and even farther from the “non-stop-winning” we are used to seeing in Telegram groups. 

So we set up an experiment, which we are eagerly inviting YOU to watch: Trader For A Month.

👨🏽‍💻 For one month straight, a real person, who is not a professional trader, will be opening and closing positions on and share exactly what is happening.
🎢There will be good trades and bad trades, ego-boosting trades and vomit-inducing trades. You will see them all. 
😱 Will he finish the experiment with more money than at the beginning? Will he lose everything halfway? 

👀 What can you learn from trading for 30 days? Can you get better? Let’s find out!

Trader For A Month

Why don’t we meet our character who will be doing the trades that you can watch, criticize, take apart, and maybe praise?

👨🏽‍💻 Profile: Codename Alex. A male in his early 30th with a university degree in Mathematics and Physics. Works full-time in finance & risk management.

📈 Trading: Never traded professionally. Understands financial instruments, follows cryptocurrency markets and has experience with trading platforms.

🌕 Personality: A morning person who would rather trade in front of thousands of people than dance in front of his friends. Enjoys a good scroll through investing news on his phone, and a good stroll in nature. Can endlessly argue about people’s relationships and self-improvement. Would not mind more spontaneity in his life.

💼 Will be trading on part-time, without compromising his professional work and other commitments.

☝️ All the personal identifiable characteristics of our hero have been removed. But his voice and his trades are real.

How Can You Watch

Beginning Tuesday, May 12th, Alex will be sharing the screenshots of his trades as well as notes on his decisions and thought process in the CEX.IO Broker Telegram channel. All posts for The Experiment will be hashtagged #TraderForAMonth. Be sure to join the channel:

In addition, weekly, we will post a synopsis, interesting thoughts, things that stood out here, in the blog.

Let Fun Begin

Make no mistake – The Experiment is not some trading wiz telling you what to do! No financial advice and do your own research!

Watching a real person trade, we hope, you’ll find yourself saying “Oh, I do that too!”  because, at that very moment, our Trader For A Month might make the same exact decisions you make. Observing from the outside, you may recognize the things you do often or don’t do enough.

We’ll also be sure that you learn a lot in the process. So every term, instrument, or indicator applied will be explained. That way, the knowledge you get will be practical.

🍿So grab your popcorn. Let The Experiment begin…You are surely in for a bumpy ride!