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Announcing the Waitlist for CEX.IO Cards!

, November 9, 2021

🎉 CEX.IO is launching a crypto debit card!  

We are excited to increase awareness about open finance and bring crypto to the next level of adoption. Thanks to the possibilities of our crypto ecosystem, we now have an opportunity to provide our users with visa debit cards that can be used anywhere, anytime. 

Spend crypto on shopping, bills, entertainment, and HODL at the same time. No need to wait for your withdrawals to land on your bank account. Also, get up to 5% cashback on every purchase.

Now, since such an ambitious project needs some time to take off, we’re opening a waitlist for early birds. The earlier you join the waitlist, the faster you will be able to apply for a CEX.IO Card and receive it before anybody else. 

What you get with your CEX.IO Card

With your CEX.IO Card, your crypto portfolio is ready to interact with the world and grow bigger every day. Let’s see how it works.

Earn up to 5% crypto or cashback 

Any purchase you make online or in-store with CEX.IO Card brings you up to 5% of the transaction amount back. That’s an effortless way to earn crypto while shopping at your favorite stores. 

Forget tedious conversions and withdrawals

No need to wait 3-5 business days to cash out your crypto to dollars. It will happen instantly. 

Spend your money, save your crypto 

Enjoy both cash and crypto available through your CEX.IO Card. You’re free to choose which currency you want to spend and which to keep saving.

Discover all-in-one banking & investing solution

Your CEX.IO Card encompasses the benefits of a visa debit card, a cryptocurrency exchange, and a digital wallet all under 1 solution. 

Sign up now to get early access to the CEX.IO Card! 

Now CEX.IO is a full-cycle crypto ecosystem 

We’ve come to the stage where CEX.IO products are not only shaped into a robust ecosystem but also form certain suites of services within this ecosystem. 

Our products include our spot exchange, margin trading platform, stakings, savings, loans, and more on the retail customer front. 

Now launching CEX.IO Cards opens our customers to use their crypto for their daily purchases.  

CEX.IO allows you to earn crypto, and spend it as you like. 

We plan to cover as many geographies as possible. We are starting with the UK and will be expanding to other countries after. So stay on the lookout for our announcements. 

CEX.IO Card is a card that lets you be yourself. Forward-thinking while acting in the present. Taking care of your future while having fun at the moment. Join the waitlist now to be among the first who will get the best of both worlds – crypto and fiat!



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