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August 2023 Media Report

, September 5, 2023

Despite being the premiere vacation month in the Western world, August offered ample opportunities for sharing thought leadership, and saw the warm reception of company announcements by major industry publications. Along with avoiding a summer slump, the CEX.IO Team has been hard at work to expand its offerings, and contribute to ongoing conversations around the industry’s future. Plus, quality third-party validation continued with the reaffirmation of CEX.IO’s award-winning services by an arbiter of the space.

Business Insider set the pace by once again listing CEX.IO among the 6 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of August 2023, and upholding the company’s 4.45/5 rating. The review acknowledged the thoughtful curation and accessible nature of CEX.IO’s product ecosystem as key UI features that center the user experience. While recognition always implies a degree of success, these touch points are helpful moments to assess strengths, and consider where additional efforts may be needed. Maintaining a trusted platform, and accommodating the always-on nature of the digital economy, is a process of ongoing refinement.

Our Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, applied this mindset on a macro level in August with four trips to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, setting a personal record. Weighing in on tech-specific and industry-wide topics alike, Alex approached each discussion with the aim of boosting crypto comprehension, and encouraging wider digital asset adoption. Whether grappling with cross-chain interoperability, the merits of blockchain explorers, CBDCs, or what could kickstart greater public interest in crypto, Alex’s responses are rooted in a quest for shared success. If the sheer volume of appearances is any indication, Alex’s big tent wisdom is clearly resonating amidst the industry’s present tenor.

In fact, CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, was invited to speak to the current state of the industry alongside fellow leaders at a Twitter Spaces event hosted by Cointelegraph. Becky joined representatives from Bybit, GoodCrypto, and Huobi for a live discussion on the present and future of crypto trading, and how platforms are responding to a changing landscape. Much like Alex’s trips to the Innovation Circle, Becky emphasized the need to think of education as a process, and outlined how CEX.IO guides its community towards greater understanding. Yahoo! Finance picked up our official announcement of the event, which documents Becky’s mindset going into the conversation.

In addition to positive reviews and a record-breaking number of opportunities for thought leadership, CEX.IO established a new entity in Lithuania in August, and hired a dedicated MLRO officer for the country. Arina Dudko, CEX.IO’s Global Head of Corporate Payment Solutions, and the new Director of Lithuania, was also quoted in Yahoo! Finance when the outlet picked up our official announcement. Arina marked this achievement by citing CEX.IO’s long-standing reputation for working with regulators, and committed to carrying that tradition forward in her leadership. With Markets In Crypto-Assets (MiCA) legislation poised to take effect, Arina also outlined how Vilhelmina Giedrime, the new MLRO for Lithuania, will help with implementation.

Explore our August media highlights via the links below.

Business Insider: 6 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of August 2023

On August 1, Business Insider kicked off the month by again listing CEX.IO among their Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges, this time for August 2023. With another repeat affirmation of our 4.45/5 ranking, the outlet went on to extol our broad selection of regionally-available digital assets, and intuitive, user-centric product ecosystem. 

Read the review in full here.

Cointelegraph: 10 obstacles to cross-chain interoperability (and how they can be overcome)

On August 8, our Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, returned to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, this time to discuss obstacles facing cross-chain interoperability, and possible ways to overcome these roadblocks. Evoking the limitations of a language barrier, Alex called on leaders to prioritize holistic solutions that remedy crypto’s segmented nature, and work to unify our experience of the digital economy.

“As a global space, the crypto ecosystem is an amalgamation of coding languages, algorithms, protocols and, ultimately, visions for what our digital future could become. But much like the Tower of Babel, we lack a cohesive understanding that unifies all participants under a single, seamless experience. Whether created or adopted from existing architecture, such a solution could rectify this issue.”

Cointelegraph: 13 developments that could kindle the public’s interest in the crypto industry

On August 10, Alex made another stop at the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, this time offering insight on developments that could reignite the public’s interest in crypto. Citing Bitcoin’s inaugural block enshrining the tumultuous aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, Alex suggests that a similar event could reignite fervor for alternative means of transacting. By returning to crypto’s protest roots, participants could see the industry in a new light.

“Many forget that crypto began in protest. Bitcoin’s first block mentions global bank bailouts explicitly, enshrining anger against economic policy that favored institutions at the expense of the social fabric. If a familiar crossroads results in the same priorities being laid bare, we may see another wave of mass crypto adoption as participants again look elsewhere for their financial futures.”

Cointelegraph: 11 potential impacts on crypto and the market from the rise of CBDCs

On August 15, Alex made his third trip to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle for a conversation about what could lay ahead for crypto as more CBDCs enter the market. Taking a pragmatic approach, Alex suggested how the normalization of these assets by governments could open the door for crypto-curious participants to explore other industry offerings. In short, CBDCs could be the on-ramps that lead to wider crypto adoption by the general public.

“While there’s much anxiety about the development and rollout of CBDCs, industry leaders should embrace their inclusion as a new avenue for entering the DeFi space. The normalization of crypto by governments could inspire otherwise reluctant participants to develop curiosity about other offerings available throughout the space. Then, the true test for CBDCs can become how they survive the free market.”

Yahoo! Finance: CEX.IO’s Becky Sarwate to Join Twitter Spaces Live Event Hosted by Cointelegraph

On August 22, Yahoo! Finance picked up the announcement that CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, would participate in a Twitter Spaces event facilitated by Cointelegraph. Centered around the state and future of crypto trading, Becky went on to speak with fellow leaders from ByBit, GoodCrypto, and Huobi on navigating the ever-changing nature of the industry. Becky’s posture in the release foreshadowed her contributions, which later helped anchor and drive the conversation at the event.

“‘It’s no secret that 2023 has been rocky for crypto, but to say we haven’t seen forward momentum is a defeatist, glass-half-empty view,’ Sarwate said. ‘Despite uncertainty in traditional finance, and increased scrutiny from regulators, technological innovations, legal clarity, and accountability for bad actors are all reasons to be optimistic about the future. I look forward to a spirited discussion that works to realign our shared values and interest in improving the space for participants at every stage of their crypto journey.’”

Yahoo! Finance: CEX.IO Announces Expansion into, Dedicated MLRO Hire for Lithuania

On August 24, Yahoo! Finance picked up the announcement of CEX.IO’s expansion into Lithuania, and the addition of a dedicated MLRO, Vilhelmina Giedrime, for the country. Arina Dudko, CEX.IO’s Global Head of Corporate Payment Solutions, and the Director of the new Lithuanian entity, celebrated the accomplishment by reasserting the company’s long held relationship with regulators. Citing CEX.IO’s tenured status in the industry, and its prioritization of the user experience, Arina pledged to continue these traditions under her leadership and guidance.

“‘Our commitment to ethical crypto stewardship has always been rooted in the user experience,’ said Arina Dudko, Director of Lithuania and Global Head of Corporate Payment Solutions. ‘After a decade of working with regulators to better safeguard the wealth and information of all market participants, this expansion is a culmination of those efforts. In this next chapter, we look forward to strengthening our EU footprint, and equipping users with the tools they need to find success in the digital economy.’”

Cointelegraph: 11 benefits blockchain explorers offer both individuals and companies

Also on August 24, Alex broke a personal record with his fourth trip to the Cointelegraph innovation circle in the single month. This time, the discussion centered around blockchain explorers, and how retail and institutional participants can utilize these resources along their crypto journey. Ever the champion of education, Alex encouraged readers to acquire the knowledge and practice necessary to thoughtfully apply these tools for a more nuanced understanding of the crypto space.

“Despite the common misconception that crypto is anonymous, blockchain explorers provide detailed diagnostics for participants to verify any transaction that has occurred on a network. Combined, the data offers a picture of how value is being stored and transferred among its users. Viewed by the right eyes, these tools reveal the inner workings of key infrastructure and the overall health of a chain.”

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