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Blockchain Events to Visit in May 2018

, March 26, 2018

Blockchain events all around the globe are waiting for the new participants. Learn about the most interesting conferences where you can meet world-famous specialists in crypto and blockchain. Don’t miss a chance to meet professionals from different blockchain-related fields.

1. Blockchain in Healthcare

When: 3-4 May, 2018

Where: London, United Kingdom


Blockchain has been dominating news headlines for the last few years. It is successfully used by companies and organizations to streamline financial operations, improve cybersecurity, ensure fair voting, and keep track of digital assets. However, Blockchain technology goes far beyond the scope of these use cases and is becoming essential to the development of the healthcare industry.

Blockchain in Healthcare Congress, taking place in London on May 3-4, will unlock the potential of this revolutionary ledger technology in terms of health services, examine real-life applications and focus on difficulties of blockchain integration. The event includes the variety of activities like roundtable and panel discussions, workshops, networking sessions, and an interactive exhibition.

This event is certainly not to be missed! To find out more about pricing and available packages, go to the official page

2. Chainges

When: 4-5 May 2018

Where: Amsterdam


As the whole new cryptocurrency industry arose, the community behind it began to expand at a fast pace. Today the Bitcoin and Blockchain ecosystem has become one of the most advanced, powering new kinds of businesses and attracting many innovation enthusiasts.

Chainges is a high-level conference, brought by the community, and is the first of its kind. The topics to be discussed will be covering both cryptocurrency economy and blockchain adoption. Along with in-depth crypto discussions, the visitors will have a chance to attend Technology&Economy workshops, exhibition and pitch competition.

Meet other members of the cryptocurrency community by joining the unique event.

3. The State of Digital Money

When: May 5, 2018

Where: Los Angeles, USA


The grand-scale conference and networking event on FinTech, Blockchain and Digital Currency will bring together industry-known practitioners and thought leaders to showcase and discuss the most disruptive and hot financial innovations and worldwide transaction trends in 2018.

The keynote presentations will cover a range of topical issues – financial sector and its further technological improvement, current perspectives and challenges in digital banking and online payments, the role of investment tools while adopting Blockchain. Recent case studies of the major FinTech players and consumer banks, pioneering tech innovations, will bring the understanding of how the industry develops and introduce the most interesting projects in the field worth investment.


4. Blockchain Summit Latam

When: May 8-9, 2018

Where: Santiago, Chile


Blockchain Summit Latam seeks to educate everybody concerned about the use of Blockchain technology, explain its nature and potential, and give an insight into its perspective adoption by Latin American community.

The conference aims to become a bridge between developers and startups, promoting Blockchain technology and working on its implementation. The event will include technical and business seminars, as well as a Hackathon with a large number of teams involved.

What will you get from the conference? A better understanding of the Blockchain impact on private/public sectors; technical knowledge of how Blockchain works; tips on its use and application, and, of course, unique networking opportunities. Book your tickets now

5. Blockchain Summit Amsterdam

When: 16-17 May, 2018

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands


Blockchain technology already has countless applications and it keeps on disrupting more and more industries on its way. That’s why it is expected to have a significant influence on the economy in general and certain sectors in particular.

Blockchain Summit Amsterdam is a two-day conference aimed to provide the attendees with information about various opportunities brought about by Blockchain. This event involves different kinds of educational activities, such as a series of high-level tutorials and interactive discussions.

Knowledge is a great strength, especially if the provided information covers the latest trends, which are meant to assist in shaping our future. If you want to join the event, please book a ticket here

6. Blockchain to people

When: May 12, 2018

Where: Bratislava, Slovakia


An increasing number of companies are already using Blockchain to drive its adoption within various industries. Blockchain itself brings innovation, while innovation leads to new market opportunities and better performance among various economic sectors.

Blockchain to People is the international event that aims at making an idea of Blockchain and distributed technology easy to grasp and implement. More than 15 world-renowned experts will meet at the conference to talk about the future of Blockchain, its application by various industries, ICO creation through real-world case studies and best practices. The event is also meant to act as a networking platform connecting specialists from all spheres and activities.

Be among the first to discover the potential of Blockchain technology with the industry pros, get your ticket.

7. Iblockchain Summit


When: May 18-19, 2018

Where: Shenzhen, China


Since blockchain came up, industries have been looking for ways to apply it for commercial advantage. This has led to many blockchain projects and solutions emerging across various spheres nowadays.

iBlockchain Summit is a two-day event, encompassing the entire range of activities centered around revealing the trend of blockchain in Asia. It consists of a conference, exhibition, networking event and a Blockchain awards ceremony for the most disruptive projects. At the conference, keynote speakers will be sharing their insights into the effect of blockchain technology on the industries, its market forecast and potentials, security issues and opportunities.

You will not lose the chance of exploring the future of blockchain and meeting outstanding individuals if you book the seats right now

8. Startup SAFARI Berlin

When: May 8-9, 2018

Where: Berlin, Germany


Are you planning to run your own startup? And looking for fresh ideas and valuable advice? Startup SAFARI brings together innovative startups that are to disrupt various industries – Fintech, Urbantech, Insurtech, AI and IOT, and many more.

This unique event will help you to meet key industry players, investors and corporates, and introduce you to startups with the most viable business models. Startup SAFARI invited speakers from across the world to give extensive insight into how the startup ecosystem works, guide you through all development stages, and share the best practices.

Get your tickets now and participate in the major networking event for startups via 

9. Block Show Europe

When: May 28-29, 2018

Where: Berlin, Germany


While 2017 was claimed to be the year of Bitcoin, 2018 is believed to focus on Blockchain technology and bring the exciting new solutions to the global community. Block Show Europe is the best place to learn about these solutions and the latest biggest announcements in the industry. What to expect from Block Show Europe?

Insightful speeches of the brightest Blockchain experts; Blockchain use cases for a number of industries; breakthrough Blockchain solutions developed by innovative startups; releases of new products and ICOs; unique networking opportunities. And this list could go on!

Certainly, you don’t want to miss the event that is going to bring the whole Blockchain community together. So book the tickets here


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