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The Best Blockchain Conferences to Visit in October 2018

, August 1, 2018

While the blockchain is attracting more attention and the knowledge about cryptocurrencies is expanding, more businesses and people benefit from the decentralized technology. This October, you’ll be able to learn more about the technology that has a potential to change how the world’s financial system works. Find a list of events in which you may be interested in this article.

  • 5th NPF & RegTech Leaders Forum

When: October 22-23, 2018

Where: Brussels, Belgium


Brussels is ready to welcome the 5th NPF and Regtech Leaders Forum in October! It’s the major Fintech event and business program, which is aimed at European finance and technology leaders. Additionally, it will cover the latest trends and improvements in digital assets, technology, and cryptocurrency space, as well as introduce innovative payment solutions for businesses.

By gathering key industry specialists, regulators, decision-makers, the conference is going to create a unique and powerful platform for networking. Here, you can meet your potential business partners and clients, as well as raise awareness of your brand.

Be sure to attend the conference and get involved in a splendid event and inspirational talks with experts and influencers. If you want to join, fill in the form on the website

  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

When: October 23, 2018

Where: Malta


October is full of various events, which are devoted to Blockchain and Bitcoin. And here is another cryptocurrency-related conference worthy of your attention that is making its way to Malta.

Blockchain&Bitcoin Conference will be devoted to blockchain technology itself, the newest trends and tendencies in the cryptocurrency market, as well as the future prospects of ICOs.

Why visit it?
The conference is going to highlight the use cases of blockchain beyond finances that can be beneficial for Malta – education, traveling, healthcare, to name but a few. What’s more, it will gather the crypto specialists, investors, developers, advisors from all over the world, who will share their expert opinion and advice on how to apply blockchain technology in specific industries.

You will have an excellent chance to network with the speakers and sponsors, as well as build useful contacts. Don’t hesitate and register by clicking

  • Texas Bitcoin Conference

When: October 27-28, 2018

Where: Austin, TX


Are you excited about what’s happening in the cryptocurrency space now? So, the forthcoming Texas Bitcoin Conference is undoubtedly the right place to visit.

It will offer many opportunities for crypto enthusiasts from beginners to professionals to navigate the Bitcoin world and make the most of it. The speakers will provide valuable information about the latest crypto projects, blockchain innovations and many more. Top it all, the Texas Bitcoin Conference allows you to participate in workshops, which will surely help you to become aware of the crypto tax prep, safety, wallets, etc.

Be sure to buy tickets.

  • Blockchain Solutions World

When: October 16-18, 2018

Where: Barcelona, Spain


Blockchain technology is gradually penetrating into virtually all spheres of our life. It improves the way digital services are provided and facilitates all sorts of transactions. But this is not the full list of potential improvements that blockchain can bring.

Blockchain Solutions World, the biggest technological event, is heading to Barcelona to introduce innovative blockchain solutions and insights, which are to disrupt a number of industries. The conference will be held in the form of keynote reports, case studies, presentations, and exhibitions. You will learn from the renowned experts about the impact of blockchain on the leading industries and the global economy as a whole.

Additionally, you will have a great chance to meet the thought leaders in the spheres of finance, government control, healthcare, etc. and grow the network of partners.

Sure, you don’t want to miss such an event. Book tickets


  • Congreso Internacional Blockchain

When: October 5-6, 2018

Where: Andorra

The CIBTC, an internationally recognized event highlighting technological improvements and modifications, is going to rock Andorra in 2018! The aim of the forthcoming event is to build the biggest community of technology experts, and introduce new and improved ways of interaction between people using blockchain technology.

Four panels will be devoted to discussing the issues and opportunities blockchain brings to the financial industry, social media, education, etc. The honored specialists will lead a series of activities like conventions, workshops, and lectures about new developments in the sphere.


  • Crypto Expo Asia

When: October 26, 2018

Where: Singapore


The cryptocurrency industry is evolving so rapidly that it becomes difficult to keep up with the latest trends and vital issues as they arise. Crypto Expo Asia is the event that will help you to understand what the crypto world is about right now.

The biggest cryptocurrency and blockchain forum in Asia will be welcoming top crypto experts, business leaders and advisors from a number of countries. The agenda of the conference covers the hottest topics related to cryptocurrency investment and trading, blockchain solutions development, and the future of ICO. The event will also feature an exhibition, workshops and a networking meetup.

Get access to the major crypto event by booking your tickets.

  • Payments Summit 2018

When: October 24-25, 2018

Where: San Francisco, the US


Many years ago people had to visit shops for the purpose of buying things that they needed or wanted and paid with cash. But since then things have changed. People invented personal computers, launched online marketplaces and introduced digital money and cryptocurrencies.

Payments Summit, organized by World Finance Council, will talk about ‘Reshaping the payments technology’. The conference will take two days (24-25 October) and be held in San Francisco, USA. This Conference, divided into 10 sessions, will mark a perfect platform to introduce the latest solutions in the modern payments industry and finance technology.

Don’t miss this event. You will have a chance to see and learn more about the innovations in Payments, FinTech and Cybersecurity. Moreover, that’s a great opportunity to build useful business contacts. For more info, visit

  • World Crypto Con

When: October 31-November 2, 2018

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

People take a keen interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology nowadays, as they have the potential to significantly improve and facilitate various sectors of our life. And that’s the reason why these two innovations are catching so much attention.

Las Vegas is happy to host World Crypto Convention and gather top specialists for sharing their insights. The event will focus on mass adoption of blockchain by both small, and medium-sized companies or enterprises. This is the only blockchain and crypto event, where the attendees have a great opportunity to experience a non-stop flow of important knowledge, and communication with event speakers and build new contacts.

So, be sure to visit the conference and enjoy the activities. Buy tickets immediately.

  • Blockchain & Decentralized Tech SuperSummit

When: October 30 – November 2, 2018

Where: Dallas, TX


Blockchain-based networks, decentralized applications, and distributed ledgers are now actively introduced to almost all spheres of human life. These brand-new frameworks are transforming the world around us, but some still do not understand the idea behind blockchain.

The upcoming international event will gather people with various backgrounds, skills, and expertise to discuss blockchain and decentralized technologies. For four days, you will have an excellent chance to take part in formal classroom training, exhibitions, and unique presentations. Also, famous speakers from the blockchain sphere will share their knowledge and insights on the current state and trends in the industry.

So, if you’re interested in participating, don’t hesitate and buy tickets.

  • PayExpoEurope

When: October 9-10, 2018

Where: London, UK


The ways we manage our personal finances are transforming very fast. To keep up with the demands of customers, payment providers and financial companies need to adopt innovative solutions.

PayExpo aims to become a hub for sharing knowledge and expertise on the implementation of advanced payment methods in various businesses. This is the biggest and most prominent event that will gather the key players of the industry and present you with lots of ideas on how to improve the existing payment channels or extend their functionality.

The attendees will have a wonderful opportunity to network with bank reps, retailers, government officials, and other experts. Feel free to contact the event hosts for more details,

  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland

When: October 9, 2018

Where: Geneva, Switzerland


Are you still considering Bitcoin and Blockchain to be just the same? They do correlate, but they certainly are two different things. Get them figured out once and for all at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference!

The event will be held in Geneva by the company Smile-Expo. It promises to bring together the outstanding experts from all over the world, representing the crypto community, payment systems, and law. At the conference, you will hear presentations about the Blockchain and Bitcoin features, the latest FinTech solutions, and many other things.

Don’t miss the chance to gain useful knowledge and experience! Buy tickets by following the link:

  • World Blockchain Summit

When: October 24-25, 2018

Where: Dubai, UAE


Dubai is the city known as ‘the happiest one on Earth’ because of adopting futuristic innovations, such as AI and Blockchain.  No wonder that it’s going to hold the largest Blockchain summit in the world.

The event will connect blockchain experts and tech specialists with government and business representatives. The speakers will tell about the advantages and disadvantages of implementing the Blockchain technology, especially in the UAE.

You’re in for the inspiring insights, panels, tech discussions, Blockchain exhibitions, and networking moments. Buy tickets at


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