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Up to 5% Cashback on Instant Crypto Purchases

, October 21, 2021

Update: We’ve Extended the CEX.IO Cashback Promo!

The up to 5% Cashback Offer was fun! We’re excited to see many customers participate. 

It’s the holiday season and we also recently celebrated our 8th birthday. With so much joy, we decided to launch another up to 5% Cashback Offer right away!

All rules remain the same. 

Buy crypto instantly with your card (or new Apply Pay and Google Pay options) and earn up to 5% back!

And this round, you can earn even more money back on your purchases: up to $200 throughout the offer period. You’ll receive cashback within 10 business days after the end of the promotional period.

Cashback Offer dates: November 25 – December 25, 2021. 

All are welcome to join!

Are you ready for Halloween? Hurry up, because we’ve already started the celebration and prepared scarily nice treats. 🎉 Missing them would be a fright so join us! 

🍬  What are the treats? 

Up to 5% cashback for buying ANY crypto with your Visa or Mastercard via our Instant buy service from October 22 to November 21. The more you buy, the higher your cashback. 

Read on for more details.

How to get the cashback?

There’s something you should remember: our Cashback Offer is running for a whole MONTH. 🤩

Any crypto you buy on the Instant Buy service from October 22 to November 21 brings you some extra cash. 

Here’s how to get the cashback:

  1. Register on this page with the email address linked to your CEX.IO account.
  2. Buy any crypto on the Instant buy page using your Visa or Mastercard. You can do that via the website or mobile app. 
  3. Get your cashback! We’ll credit it directly to your CEX.IO account in 10 business days after the end of this promotion. 


The more you buy, the more you get

You can get higher cashback when you buy more crypto with your Visa or Mastercard on our Instant buy service:

  • If you spend up to $500 during the entire promo period, then you’ll get a 2% cashback.
  • If you buy crypto for $500-$1,000, you’ll get 3% cashback.
  • Those who purchase crypto for more than $1,000 get the sweetest treats — 5% cashback.

You’ll receive your cashback in a currency you used for the qualified crypto purchase. For example, if you bought BTC for GBP, then your cashback will be in GBP. 

The maximum cashback amount you can get during the entire promo period is $100 (or EUR, GBP, RUB equivalent). 

Now, about the rules

🔵 This cashback offer applies only to purchases made with a Visa or Mastercard payment card via the CEX.IO Instant buy service on the web or in the CEX.IO mobile app.

🔵 Purchases made with your CEX.IO balance don’t qualify for the cashback.

🔵 You’ll receive your cashback within 10 (ten) business days after the end of this promotion.

🔵 The maximum TOTAL cashback amount you can earn during the entire Halloween Cashback Offer is $100 (or the equivalent in other currencies: EUR, GBP, RUB).

🔵 The Halloween Offer is running from October 22, 00:00 UTC until November 21, 23:59:59 UTC, 2021*.

🔵 CEX.IO may disqualify participants that are deemed to be illegally bulk registered and/or verified accounts. CEX.IO may disqualify participants without explaining the reasons.

🔵 CEX.IO reserves the right to choose markets and jurisdictions to launch special offers/activities/services and may restrict their availability in certain countries or regions.

*The dates and terms & conditions of this promotion may change at CEX.IO’s discretion without announcement.



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