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CEX.IO continues its hot streak at International Business Magazine Annual Awards

, September 15, 2022

Despite the chill of a crypto winter, 2022 is continuing to be a hot year for CEX.IO’s trophy collection. Where the broader crypto space has experienced volatility stemming from a combination of market factors, we’ve been steadily improving our services with the aim of keeping the waters as smooth as possible in our corner of the ecosystem.

It’s in this spirit that we’re thrilled to announce CEX.IO was named the Most Trusted Crypto Exchange Platform and Most Secured Trading Platform in the U.K. by the International Business Magazine Annual Awards. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, IBM works to uncover and highlight excellence across global industries.

“We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to International Business Magazine for the recognition of our ongoing work to offer safe and intuitive solutions for users at every stage of their crypto journey,“ said Jonathan Wykes, Managing Director, U.K. and Europe for CEX.IO. “At a time where uncertainty is looming over much of the world, it’s affirming to know our efforts to provide guidance and support are proving successful in the eyes of the community.”

Following the debut of CEX.IO University, CEX.IO Validator, and our Donation Widget, which raises funds for targeted relief to organizations on the ground in Ukraine, it’s clear these awards are the fruits of a collaborative, value-aligned environment. Where major events have shaken the globe, CEX.IO’s proven leadership has remained a steady hand for those seeking to navigate the crypto ecosystem. Looking ahead, our trajectory will continue to arc toward empowering users through education and support to chart their own course.

“As a champion of inclusion and regulation within the DeFi space since before the term was invented, we try to anticipate and innovate around emerging trends to protect the information, assets, and trust of our users. There’s no substitution for maintaining customer relationships, and we’re truly honored to be celebrated for our ongoing commitments to our users,” Wykes concluded.

This year, CEX.IO has seen an abundance of positive third-party validation from across the crypto space. We were ranked the 9th Best Cryptocurrency Exchange by CryptoCompare, listed by Forbes among a Top 20 Best Global Crypto Exchange, named “Best Overall DeFi Platform” in the FinTech Breakthrough Awards, and recognized as the Best Exchange in the 2022 Hedgeweek European Digital Asset Awards

With a few months left to go before 2023, who knows, we may have to make some room on the mantle!


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