The cryptocurrency industry does not stay still, and those who are interested in the new developments and tendencies can always find a venue to visit. We have prepared a list of the most anticipated events in winter 2019/2020. Take a look to find a conference that will fit you best.

  • AI In Gaming

When: February 26-27, 2020

Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Why is there so much hype around AI solutions? The answer is clear. AI allows for greater product diversity, advanced customization, and improvement of tech-based industries.

The United Arab Emirates has been on the cutting edge of emerging technologies for years. It is even expected that the country’s gains will see an annual increase of 33.5% thanks to AI adoption. Being the heart of innovations, the UAE will become home to the AI in Gaming conference in 2020. As the name suggests, the event is devoted to AI technologies, gaming, and eSports. Moreover, the speakers of the event will talk about how blockchain is going to revolutionize the gaming and entertainment market.

So, it’s certainly the right place for you to receive answers to all your burning questions related to tech innovations in gaming. Register here, and discover whether ‘machines’ will replace people in the gaming industry or not.

  • CoinAgenda

When: February 26-27, 2020

Where: San Juan, Puerto Rico


CoinAgenda Caribbean 2020 is coming back to provide more opportunities and knowledge to sponsors, crypto traders, and digital asset managers. The event will be carried out on February 26-27, 2020. And it holds a lot of interesting things for you.

On February 26, a cocktail party will be arranged for all participants. And the next day, a full-scale conference will be held, where speakers are going to address the issues of regulations, legality, and restrictions for crypto-related businesses. Also, in between the main sections of the conference, you’ll have a good chance to talk to the event speakers or build new contacts for future projects.
So, feel free to register for the conference if you want to grasp the exclusive knowledge from the industry experts.

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When: February 20, 2020

Where: Tampa, FL, the USA


Do you want to learn more about banking and blockchain, and whether they really match? The Pay Tampa Bay 2020 will help you with this.

It’s a place where more than 100 experts from FinTech companies gather to talk about innovations and advanced solutions. The attendees of the event can participate in and grasp the knowledge from insightful discussions and fire-side chats. Also, Pay Tampa Bay is a great chance to take part in networking sessions, where you will meet like-minded individuals and most likely foster collaborations. By the way, you will be able to introduce yourself and your projects and find partners or sponsors to bring more innovations to the industry in the future.

So, are you ready to join the event on February 20? Quickly register if you don’t want to miss all the interesting things.

  • NFT – Non-Fungible Token Event

When: February 20, 2020

Where: New York City, NY, the USA


In 2019, the event gathered more than 450 guests and 85 speakers. The aim was to observe and analyze the developing NFT eco-system. It comes back in 2020!

The NFT Event 2020 is going to unite gamers, artists, blockchain devs and enthusiasts. It’ll show how NFTs are changing the digital asset landscape and covering issues that other tokens couldn’t solve. You can expect to participate in debates, expert talks, workshops, and briefings with the blockchain industry players captains.
For more details, visit the event website, , and feel free to register.

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  • FinTech Connect 2019

When: December 3-4, 2019

Where: London, The UK


FinTech Connect 2019 brings together the reps of the leading financial and high-tech companies to talk about the latest innovations in the market. Bright minds of the fintech sector will meet to raise awareness of the digital revolution, advanced payments, financial protection, regtech, and blockchain.

This event is going to gather more than 6000 delegates, who will share best practices in the digital finance and demonstrate breakthrough solutions. This will be a 2-day event combining a conference and an exhibition. It also offers a series of interactive masterclasses, streams, technology demos, a founder forum, and tailored networking. So, isn’t it a good reason to join?

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When: December 4, 2019

Where: Bangkok, Thailand


Following 6 prime conferences that gathered the best crypto, blockchain, and fintech specialists, NEXT BLOCK has set out to run a new event — GURUS AWARDS. Supported by Cryptovest and WebCelebs, the event will celebrate the top-notch companies and their contribution to the industry. The key fintech influencers will also be recognized during the awards ceremony.

The purpose of the NEXT BLOCK GURU AWARDS is to appreciate those who have made the fintech space more open to the public. The ceremony will come with the ASIA FashionTV Party covered by Fashion TV.

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  • NEXT Block Asia 2.0 Affiliate Marketing In The Age Of Crypto

When: December 3, 2019

Where: Bangkok, Thailand


Next Block Asia is coming back to Bangkok, and now it will put a special focus on affiliate marketing in the age of cryptocurrency. The event will gather the leading specialists in the sphere, so you can be sure that they will provide you with high-quality content. The speakers will discuss tech trends, online marketing solutions, the role of cryptocurrency in affiliate marketing, etc. The conference will also cover gaming and CFDs and their place in the cryptocurrency space.

Next Block Asia combines thought-provoking conversations, opening/closing remarks, keynotes, panels, presentations, networking sessions, and an after-party. Also, you’ll be able to visit an exhibition zone and see how companies are going to innovate in 2020.

So, if you’re interested and eager to join the show, buy tickets with a 20% discount now. Use CEX20 as a promo code and enjoy the best price