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Results are in: Winners of the CEX.IO Trading Activity Contest

, February 3, 2020

On January 16th, we commenced our first-ever Trading Activity Contest. Anyone could join the race to win GBP-denominated prizes by simply actively trading on our platform. The idea was to keep it simple, and we chose the number of trades as a winning criterion. After all, it is the active traders who give the vibrancy to our markets. So we decided to celebrate them and to reward their work.

Of course, we knew that the cryptocurrency industry participants are quite inventive when it comes to participating in the competitions. So we placed a number of requirements to trades that can be qualified to participate. Among them, the minimum trade size – to avoid the inflation of numbers by micro-trades. The minimum days of participation and the maximum limit of daily trades – to reward the real effort and diligence. The final results (which, by the way, show an impressive activity!) reflect the trades that meet the contest requirements. 

So here are the ninja traders – our winners who put up a good fight, stayed put in the competition, and came out victorious! A big round of applause👏! You guys are hot right now 🔥! 

🥁And the winners are: 

#1 AlbusDumbledore – 1997 trades.🏆Prize: 190GBP

#2 Charmander – 1824 trades. 🏆Prize: 178GBP

#3 AryaStark – 1323 trades.🏆Prize: 143GBP

#4 Umbriel – 1122 trades.🏆Prize: 129GBP

#5 blaxdev – 853 trades.🏆Prize: 110GBP


#6 TheLastNinja – 803 trades.🏅Prize: 50GBP

#7 AnnoyingBot – 698 trades. 🏅Prize: 50GBP

#8 LannisterXX – 576 trades. 🏅Prize: 50GBP

#9 mecton – 461 trades. 🏅Prize: 50GBP

#10 MEDO_SA – 231 trades. 🏅Prize: 50GBP

The prizes will be credited to the accounts in the next few days. 

Oh, it might be painful for the 6-10th winners! They fought so hard, and it’s a small difference in trades that threw them in the second group of winners. Juuust a little more effort and their prize would have been almost double! 

Will they come back with revenge? Because guess what, … the mission continues! And the trader’s work is never done! 

What does that mean? 😱

A new contest awaits! With more participating pairs!

So, if you won this one – can you crush the next one too?

If you opted in but never participated with trades – here’s a new chance for you!

If you waited out – don’t let the new competition pass by you – get in! 

Keep your eyes open and your fingers on the keyboard! The announcement comes soon.

And until then, over and out.  😎


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