CEX.IO August 2022 Media Report

, September 7, 2022

With school back in session and the events of another summer recorded on life’s ledger, it’s time to reflect on another month of positive, impactful thought leadership contributed by CEX.IO’s dedicated team of experts. Whether you’re weathering the effects of another crypto winter or seeking guidance to determine the next steps along your DeFi journey, our August PR results left quite a mark during a notoriously slow media month.

TabbFORUM: Maturing Crypto: Insuring The Cryptosphere

On August 2, CEX.IO’s Global Head of Compliance, Shelley Schachter-Cahm, joined a discussion with TabbFORUM to explore how the crypto ecosystem could benefit from greater investor protections at the individual and enterprise level. Highlighting the dual impact of real and perceived risk, Schachter-Cahm addressed the need to eradicate the current patchwork approach to regulation in favor of cementing global safeguards and solutions.

“What immediately stands out for me is the shifting regulatory landscape forcing regulatory arbitrage and in some extreme cases, firms relocating their client services to new entities or jurisdictions. In-built assignment or temporary cover would be incredibly valuable for crypto asset firms, as well as improving an underwriting understanding of the current crypto market ‘drain’ position.”

Forbes Advisor: What is Solana? How Does It Work?

On August 3, CEX.IO’s COO, Konstantin Anissimov, spoke with Forbes Advisor about how the Solana network aims to challenge Ethereum’s smart contract supremacy by applying novel ideas to established technology. By retooling a traditional proof of stake consensus protocol to include proprietary modifications, Anissimov outlined how Solana offers a forward-looking, cost-efficient solution to the blockchain trilemma.

“Unlike the earlier proof of work mechanism, proof of stake uses staking to define the next block. Staked tokens are held as collateral by the blockchain until validators reach a consensus about the chain’s next block. According to Konstantin Anissimov, chief operating officer at crypto exchange CEX.IO, Solana uses ‘a mixture of time-tested cryptographic strategies and fresh innovations to address the shortcomings of crypto’s first-wave solutions.’”

TabbFORUM: Panic, Fear, Hope, and Depression: Psychological Phases of the Crypto Market Crash

On August 11, CEX.IO founder and CEO Oleksandr Lutskevych appeared in TabbFORUM to unpack the grief stages of a crypto crash, and argue for a brighter outlook once the smoke has cleared. Citing past examples of companies that rose to become behemoths after periods of contraction, Lutskevych described a leaner, more robust crypto ecosystem on the other side of this downturn.

“Today’s crash will see the exit of many projects and players that never had a legitimate long-term value proposition in the first place. We’re entering a purging period that needs to take place. After all: clothes don’t get clean without the agitator in the wash cycle. Likewise, today’s market cleansing may be uncomfortable. But once this cycle runs its course, the quality projects and platforms will remain.”

HAASONLINE: Five Questions with Becky Sarwate from CEX.IO

On August 22, CEX.IO’s Global Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, sat down with HAASONLINE to discuss challenges facing the evolving crypto landscape, and how a trusted legacy can unlock new opportunities. Despite the unpredictability of current market conditions, Sarwate spotlighted the human triumph of CEX.IO’s Donation Widget as a testament to the liberating power of decentralized finance to combat global suffering.
“As a human being as well as a crypto professional, I think the ongoing war in Ukraine this year has given us all a reminder of how small the world is, and how great our responsibility to each other. Decentralized financial access has been a lifeline to war-torn refugees fleeing for safety, as well as a powerful engine for raising funds for humanitarian relief. I’m very proud of this. CEX.IO has made it easy to support critical organizations saving lives on the ground in Ukraine through its Donation Widget.



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