After the Bitcoin Cash fork, we’ve put much effort into securing your funds on both new chains and have applied an extra layer of safety measures. Now that we’ve ensured that the BCH ABC and BCH SV networks are stable and operational, we’ve completed the split and credited coins from the BCH SV chain to the accounts of all eligible users.

BSV credited to accounts

BSV coins have already been added to the accounts of those users who had BCH in their CEX.IO accounts at the moment of the fork. The amount of BSV was calculated based on BCH balances at that time.

What can I do with my BSV?

As we’ve already informed you, BSV trading and deposits are not supported on CEX.IO. However, you can now withdraw your BSV to an external wallet and further use it for your benefit.

BCH deposits and withdrawals re-enabled

After the fork, we closely observed the BCH network, and now we’re glad to inform you that BCH deposits and withdrawals have been re-enabled. You can once again easily deposit Bitcoin Cash to CEX.IO. When initiating a deposit, please remember that the BCH listed on CEX.IO is the coin of the BCH ABC network. Don’t deposit coins from the BCH SV network.
If you initiated any BCH deposits (from the BCH ABC network) while deposits were disabled on CEX.IO, they’ll be confirmed and reach your accounts shortly.
We hope that this new coin will provide you with even more opportunities for trading and add to your portfolio.