CEX.IO to Support BCH Hard Fork and Users to Get New Coins in Case of Split

, November 9, 2018

Recently, there have been many discussions about the upcoming Bitcoin Cash fork. We’re prepared for the upgrade and expect everything to go smoothly. At the same time, we’d like to emphasize that our primary goal is meeting the interests of our users and ensuring the complete security of their funds.

Bitcoin Cash fork

The BCH network is subject to regular upgrades aimed at improving the efficiency of the platform. The last fork took place in May 2018 when the developers increased the block size to 32 MB. Now, the whole BCH community faces the approach of another upgrade.

The BCH fork is scheduled for November 15, 2018, and will happen at around 4:40 PM (UTC). However, the community seems to be in disagreement concerning the current upgrade. As the team hasn’t managed to find a consensus yet, it’s possible that the chain will split in two, resulting in two separate coins.

CEX.IO on the fork

To guarantee the safety of BCH transactions, we’ll pause Bitcoin Cash deposits and withdrawals 3 hours before the fork. Please make sure your transactions settle before that time to ensure that your funds are correctly processed.

As soon as the fork takes place, we’ll thoroughly test the network to make sure that transactions run safely. This will take around 3 hours after the fork. Only then will we bring BCH deposits and withdrawals back online.

If Bitcoin Cash splits

Since there’s a chance of the blockchain splitting, we’d like to inform you that if that happens, our customers will receive the new coin. The amount of the new coin credited will match the amount of BCH on a customer’s balance right before the fork.

We’ll record users’ balances immediately before the fork and grant the new coin to Bitcoin Cash owners if the blockchain splits.

Follow our updates and be the first to learn news about the outcomes of the BCH November fork.



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